My Husband Loves Hearing About My Past

My husband loves me to tell him about my past lovers. He gets very turned on when I tell him about previous people I have been with, especially when I go into details about them. I am starting to also enjoy telling him these stories as I now know he does not get jealous and I like to see him get really turned on hearing them.

He likes my stories about my ex boyfiend with the big one the most.

My husband is trying to get me to share some of these stories on this site.

Let me know if anyone would like to read some of my stories that get my husband turned on so much.

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On this subject Mia and i were talking about her past, she knows i love to hear about it and Mia is a person who pays attention to detail, so i was blown away when she pulled out a bag of photos that an ex had taken of her, once again it showed me how much more something that means to another is even better when they share it. some of her stories are off the scale and we will put some up...

When my wife and I first started dating she would share some of her experiences. She claims to have had 3 major boyfriends (serious) and several other friends with benefits. From time to time we would revisit the topic but never really get graphic. This past week we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We went away without the kids. Of course we began drinking cocktails early in the day which continued into the afternoon. While sitting at an outside bar the topic of ex's came up, to make a long story short the conversation got very steamy she shared experiences of her wet t shirt contest on spring break along with other contests that required the losing of clothing and a partner of the opposite sex. I asked if she hooked u with that random partner she told me she did back in her hotel room where her roommate and another guy were going at it hot and heavy. I asked if they switched and she responded eww no!!!! I asked if she watched and she smirked so asked did it turn you on she said of course. At this point I was going nuts in my head I was so anxious and turned on I wanted to know everything about her past. The conversation continued back in the hotel room and it led to the BEST SEX EVER!!!! Since the weekend I have been consumed with this topic and I am not sure if I should tell her that I am not jealous at all but really turned on by the images of her with ex's. I know she will think I am ****** up but feel I need to get it off my chest. Any suggestions (please be serious).

I would like to hear your stories about your past lovers. I also like to hear about the past lovers of the women that I have been with.

i love to hear about all the other guys she has ****** and what they did how big there ***** were all the details makes me *** alot more and harder

I like hearing my wife's stories too.

Ha, I have had yours story as my lead page, and just realized that I had not asked you to "let's be friends"....add me please...Oh you know how I love your story...I am just like your the big one you'll had...and her having a reat time ******* and sucking the big one, and it feeling so good to her.....think about it, "why would a husband get a thril out of his wife having had or having sex with a guy with a little ****.......just think about when you do, your husband and I are perfectly normal....

I would love to read your stories. I loved when my wife would tell me about her past. Especially the stories of her getting it on with her girlfriends. Please add me as a friend.

I love your story...It is a big turn on for me...please add me please please

Mia knows that i love to hear about her past, she has shown me some pictures that an ex took of her and i have to say it really turned me on - whats even better is that there is no bad feelings, only good that she feels able to share with me, i love to hear what she has done before the us part of her life..

Can you tell us some things that she has done, sexually? also please add me, i'm new here and need friends

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I get very turned on when my wife tells me about her prior lovers and what they did. She's had two lovers who are bigger than I am (one was huge) and those stories are my favorite. Never get tired of hearing about them and it always makes me hard as hell.

I got hard knowing you were getting hard! It took quite a while for me to get her to share any information about her past lovers, but one night after some wine, she said her ex husband was "an inch longer but not as thick." Once she saw how excited this got me, she has been more forthcoming. Then there's the former boyfriend who was "humoungus." I don't know why this turns me on so much. Maybe I'm "bi-curious."

Yes, yes and yes...I love(crave) my wife telling me about her past sex with her 2 boy friends. One got her cherry at 16 and the second was her basketball coach......I would love to share stories, all true...

Let me know what you like to talk about.....

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My wife ****** one of her coaches from high school. She said she had a crush on him in high school and saw him in a bar about a year after she graduated. She went home with him and let him **** her brains out!

My wife ****** her coach when she was in 12th grade...........Oh he was sooo good looking and she wanted his ****, which she got about 10 times during her senior year.........He showed up at our house 18 years later to say hello.....yea right...I suspect he wanted to find out if she wanted his **** still....well it excited me off of the wall, especially when she told me they kissed as he was leaving, and later something happened that I still get hard and climax, thinking and talking about what happened a couple of months after the visit...??????????

My wife was a bar fly. She would go to the bars every weekend searching for a new **** to ****. That's how she met the coach. That's also how she met me only she wouldn't let me **** her until a few months later. All of the others got to **** her the night they met, and some of them a few minutes after they met. She is a **** magnet!

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please share.
i love hearing about my ladys past lovers. she doesnt do it in an humiliating way, more matter of factually. he was bigger than me and she enjoyed her time with him. now she likes to jerk me off slow as we talk about the things they did. it turns me on and she knows it! she even teases me when we are out in public. happy days :)

My wife would tease me too out in public. Anytime she saw one of her past lovers she would point him out and talk about what they did. Then we would go home and she would tell me more details while we ******. Sometimes we would role play what they did.

I would like to hear your stories!

i would love to hear your stories. I love it when my wife tells me about her past lovers. And i love to hear about the ex boyfriend with the huge ****. The nasty and kinkier the better. She does not really like telling me, she only tells me because she knows it turns me on. Wish I could get her to like telling me. How do I do that?

I can't really tell you what will make her like telling you. Mine said at first she didn't like telling me but after a while it started to turn her on and she looked forward to telling me new stories.

If you find out please let me know....I need more tooooo.....

I just kept bringing it up and asking questions, usually when she had been drinking. After a few years she started getting turned on by it and talked for hours about who all she ******!

I would love to read your stories. I can't get enough of my wifes stories about her past.

My wife said she started enjoying it as well. What made you start enjoying telling your stories?

Yes please share! I love hearing my wifes stories unfortunately she doesn't go into detail like my ex wife did. She would go into detail while having sex it was so hot!

Love to hear your stories.

Hell yeah we wanta see the stories
I love when my wife tells me about her past,It just drives me crazy

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It's taken much alcohol and many years to get any information from my wife. She's probably most afraid of hurting my feelings since I'm smaller there and she only had one guy that was smaller. Plus women feel like a **** when they talk about the different guys they've ******.

Love to hear more from you.

Liddel, no woman should feel like a **** if she fucke* a guy that she ha dfeelings for....Only if she gave some puss* to a stranger should she hold back talking about her sex life.......My wife fucke* 2 guys while she was in highschool and though the second one was her coach and married, she was "in love" with him....So get her to open up, and it will open up your relationship.....

I would love to hear your stories

My wife was 18 when we met and 21 when she first slipped into my bed and started kissing me. She was a bit on the shy side, came from a "rich" family and I thought that she was one of the "good girls." Before I know it we are both naked. I had been with a handful of girls before, so when I pushed my **** into her very tight (i.e. hard to enter) pu$$y I assumed she was a virgin. A few days later I muster up the courage to ask her if she had been a virgin. She confirmed that I was her first. I said "you don't seem very broken up about having lost it with me," She answered "well, that depends on how things work out." I proposed not long after. Fast forward about 3 months. She confesses to me that she in fact had not been a virgin, but it had happened only once and she had been drunk, etc., etc, Fast forward a year turns out there were a couple others, but she never came with any of them. Fast forward 20 years. There were about 6 in all who had *****d her.(and that was between the age of 19 and 20 1/2). Most of them had bigger dicks than me, and she liked being *****d fast and hard by them and not slow and tender as I had, most of the time with me she had faked the big "o" so that I would pull out of her. So now, if I am lucky she will talk about her ex-lovers while I jerk off. We have not had intercourse in over a year and only about 5 times in the past 4 to 5 years. She knows that I would like to see her with another guy. She never moved when I was inside her, never, but moves like crazy when I eat her, so I have to believe that she is now telling the truth. She is "too good" now to be with somebody... "I don't want to go to hell",, but I'm pretty much living there now. She does love to go to ***** clubs and oddly the dancers will kiss her and touch her **** and get her horny as hell when she is in the back room getting lap dances that she loves. I got to watch through the door once and in the room once.

I would love to hear all of them

Yep most deffinitly

I would to here them i also love to here my wifes storys

Very nice I'm trying to get my wife to do the same

Married 29 yrs knew from beginning she had had sex several times over about 9 yrs with 4 guys. What I did not know till recently was she never used a condom one time. On the pill but would only **** bareback as she said she wanted to feel them *** inside her. She says she loved getting ****** doggystyle and could always feel them *** inside her. This is all new news to me maybe she say more. Hope so.

Are you saying that over a nine year period DURING your 29 year marriage your wife had sex with four different men, and she only recently told you? Tell us more.

Typo. First time doing this. She lived with 4 different guys over 5 yr timeframe before we got married. I knew there was the 4 guys before we met but did not know until very recently she lived with them for lengthy periods and never used condoms.

my wife tells me stories about her past experiences and slowly plays with me and shows me how she did things. love to vid these, especially when she gets into the details of what they said and how it began etc. would love to hear someones elses stories