My Husband Loves Hearing About My Past

My husband loves me to tell him about my past lovers. He gets very turned on when I tell him about previous people I have been with, especially when I go into details about them. I am starting to also enjoy telling him these stories as I now know he does not get jealous and I like to see him get really turned on hearing them.

He likes my stories about my ex boyfiend with the big one the most.

My husband is trying to get me to share some of these stories on this site.

Let me know if anyone would like to read some of my stories that get my husband turned on so much.

saraaus saraaus
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My wife and I didn't meet until we were around 40. Both of us married once before, then single for quite some time. As our relationship grew, we decided to "tell all" about our sexual histories. We both had been in and out of a few relationships, but had also engaged in casual sex when an appropriate opportunity presented itself. We both agreed there were some very special memories to keep in our "highlights reel". She had sex with a "very well endowed" black co-worker during an international business trip and I had sex with a married co-worker who was "getting revenge" on her husband for his affair.
Absolutely love to hear each other's stories ...

Yes please I would like to hear the story

Yes please share

Me please. I've only had a big one once and it was a one shot deal. My boyfriend is so turned on about my past experiences too especially with a big ****. I need some material!

I would love to read your stories almost as much as I love hearing my wifes stories

i would love to. I also love to have my wife talk of former lovers

Me to my wife tells me all and we **** like crazy

i want to hear some of these stories

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of coures!

When my wife tells me these type of stories I *** straight away ...
She was really naughty ..:-7

I love to hear it all the times.

I would totally be interested in this

I have no past to share with my husband other than a bit of rather tame petting with two girls at my boarding school before I was married, but he does get excited when I tell him the things Frank has made me do to please him and the men he tells me to serve.

Please oh please tell us more.....sounds sexy and please add me please, and we can talk private, as I may have some of my/her past that you may like///////

On this subject Mia and i were talking about her past, she knows i love to hear about it and Mia is a person who pays attention to detail, so i was blown away when she pulled out a bag of photos that an ex had taken of her, once again it showed me how much more something that means to another is even better when they share it. some of her stories are off the scale and we will put some up...

When my wife and I first started dating she would share some of her experiences. She claims to have had 3 major boyfriends (serious) and several other friends with benefits. From time to time we would revisit the topic but never really get graphic. This past week we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We went away without the kids. Of course we began drinking cocktails early in the day which continued into the afternoon. While sitting at an outside bar the topic of ex's came up, to make a long story short the conversation got very steamy she shared experiences of her wet t shirt contest on spring break along with other contests that required the losing of clothing and a partner of the opposite sex. I asked if she hooked u with that random partner she told me she did back in her hotel room where her roommate and another guy were going at it hot and heavy. I asked if they switched and she responded eww no!!!! I asked if she watched and she smirked so asked did it turn you on she said of course. At this point I was going nuts in my head I was so anxious and turned on I wanted to know everything about her past. The conversation continued back in the hotel room and it led to the BEST SEX EVER!!!! Since the weekend I have been consumed with this topic and I am not sure if I should tell her that I am not jealous at all but really turned on by the images of her with ex's. I know she will think I am ****** up but feel I need to get it off my chest. Any suggestions (please be serious).

browneyes, as a guy that really has always been big time turned on by my wife's past sex life before me, I can attest.......we have been married a long time and it still does it....everytime we have sex and sometimes when we aren't, she tells me about the 2 boyfriends from highschool kissing her, touching her sucking her ****, and ******* her.....Only the two, but she says a lot of times to me that "I never said no to either of them, if they wanted to **** me they had the green light". And they did, and I love it.....One had a really thick ****, that turns me on so much....
As to why it does I can't tell you, but for me and lots of guys it blows our minds...Oh **** it makes me so wild when she sucks my **** after I have given her, her climax, and she does that to me......I can *** in two minutes if she wants me to.....Look, continue to feel him out, and feed him slowly and if he wants more give it to him, but not all at once...String it out, and you will have him eating out of your hand, (and *****).........
When you asked him about bicurious, was you referring to him or you....It is a turn on for some women to want/talk about their hubby sucking a guy....And maybe more so for a woman to want to see a guy suck her hubby......I know of just such a case, where she wanted to see a guy, and I wont say who, suck her husband's ****, while she sat and watched and shivered, and dripped.......

Nothing wrong with sex on the brain Browneyes......I my self think about it alot....
Just remember this...There a lot of men and women that are bi-curious, or bisexual, meaning they have crossed the line and tried the same sex experience. Some like it and do it more, some may just as soon not do it again.....I have a friend who's wife had done it.....all the way from sucking **** to oral sex to her *****, and loved it......She wanted to do it to my wife but they never got past the *** sucking phase.....
Look, heres the deal.....If your hubby wants to hear about your past sex life, and how they kissed and how big their dicks were, tell him.....
If you have done sluttty stuff, like gang banging, ******* your brother of ******* your best friends husband, DON'T tell him that.......Be cool with it and have fun with it.....Make him tingle...
Do you suck his ****?......I can just testify that it drives me wild and I love it, and it makes me want to hear more about her kissing, touching and her ******* her boyfriends.......Msg me private if you would like!

I would like to hear your stories about your past lovers. I also like to hear about the past lovers of the women that I have been with.

Ha, I have had yours story as my lead page, and just realized that I had not asked you to "let's be friends"....add me please...Oh you know how I love your story...I am just like your the big one you'll had...and her having a reat time ******* and sucking the big one, and it feeling so good to her.....think about it, "why would a husband get a thril out of his wife having had or having sex with a guy with a little ****.......just think about when you do, your husband and I are perfectly normal....

I would love to read your stories. I loved when my wife would tell me about her past. Especially the stories of her getting it on with her girlfriends. Please add me as a friend.

I love your story...It is a big turn on for me...please add me please please

Mia knows that i love to hear about her past, she has shown me some pictures that an ex took of her and i have to say it really turned me on - whats even better is that there is no bad feelings, only good that she feels able to share with me, i love to hear what she has done before the us part of her life..

Can you tell us some things that she has done, sexually? also please add me, i'm new here and need friends

I think its because she is being real and honest, sharing with me the most intimate of things with all the details.
I like that when i ask her something she will want to tell me of soothing in her past which she enjoyed .

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I get very turned on when my wife tells me about her prior lovers and what they did. She's had two lovers who are bigger than I am (one was huge) and those stories are my favorite. Never get tired of hearing about them and it always makes me hard as hell.

I got hard knowing you were getting hard! It took quite a while for me to get her to share any information about her past lovers, but one night after some wine, she said her ex husband was "an inch longer but not as thick." Once she saw how excited this got me, she has been more forthcoming. Then there's the former boyfriend who was "humoungus." I don't know why this turns me on so much. Maybe I'm "bi-curious."

Yes, yes and yes...I love(crave) my wife telling me about her past sex with her 2 boy friends. One got her cherry at 16 and the second was her basketball coach......I would love to share stories, all true...

Let me know what you like to talk about.....

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My wife ****** her coach when she was in 12th grade...........Oh he was sooo good looking and she wanted his ****, which she got about 10 times during her senior year.........He showed up at our house 18 years later to say hello.....yea right...I suspect he wanted to find out if she wanted his **** still....well it excited me off of the wall, especially when she told me they kissed as he was leaving, and later something happened that I still get hard and climax, thinking and talking about what happened a couple of months after the visit...??????????

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please share.
i love hearing about my ladys past lovers. she doesnt do it in an humiliating way, more matter of factually. he was bigger than me and she enjoyed her time with him. now she likes to jerk me off slow as we talk about the things they did. it turns me on and she knows it! she even teases me when we are out in public. happy days :)

i would love to hear your stories. I love it when my wife tells me about her past lovers. And i love to hear about the ex boyfriend with the huge ****. The nasty and kinkier the better. She does not really like telling me, she only tells me because she knows it turns me on. Wish I could get her to like telling me. How do I do that?

If you find out please let me know....I need more tooooo.....

I would love to read your stories. I can't get enough of my wifes stories about her past.

Yes please share! I love hearing my wifes stories unfortunately she doesn't go into detail like my ex wife did. She would go into detail while having sex it was so hot!

Love to hear your stories.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It's taken much alcohol and many years to get any information from my wife. She's probably most afraid of hurting my feelings since I'm smaller there and she only had one guy that was smaller. Plus women feel like a **** when they talk about the different guys they've ******.

Love to hear more from you.

Liddel, no woman should feel like a **** if she fucke* a guy that she ha dfeelings for....Only if she gave some puss* to a stranger should she hold back talking about her sex life.......My wife fucke* 2 guys while she was in highschool and though the second one was her coach and married, she was "in love" with him....So get her to open up, and it will open up your relationship.....

My wife was 18 when we met and 21 when she first slipped into my bed and started kissing me. She was a bit on the shy side, came from a "rich" family and I thought that she was one of the "good girls." Before I know it we are both naked. I had been with a handful of girls before, so when I pushed my **** into her very tight (i.e. hard to enter) pu$$y I assumed she was a virgin. A few days later I muster up the courage to ask her if she had been a virgin. She confirmed that I was her first. I said "you don't seem very broken up about having lost it with me," She answered "well, that depends on how things work out." I proposed not long after. Fast forward about 3 months. She confesses to me that she in fact had not been a virgin, but it had happened only once and she had been drunk, etc., etc, Fast forward a year turns out there were a couple others, but she never came with any of them. Fast forward 20 years. There were about 6 in all who had *****d her.(and that was between the age of 19 and 20 1/2). Most of them had bigger dicks than me, and she liked being *****d fast and hard by them and not slow and tender as I had, most of the time with me she had faked the big "o" so that I would pull out of her. So now, if I am lucky she will talk about her ex-lovers while I jerk off. We have not had intercourse in over a year and only about 5 times in the past 4 to 5 years. She knows that I would like to see her with another guy. She never moved when I was inside her, never, but moves like crazy when I eat her, so I have to believe that she is now telling the truth. She is "too good" now to be with somebody... "I don't want to go to hell",, but I'm pretty much living there now. She does love to go to ***** clubs and oddly the dancers will kiss her and touch her **** and get her horny as hell when she is in the back room getting lap dances that she loves. I got to watch through the door once and in the room once.

I would love to hear all of them

Yep most deffinitly

I would to here them i also love to here my wifes storys

Very nice I'm trying to get my wife to do the same

Married 29 yrs knew from beginning she had had sex several times over about 9 yrs with 4 guys. What I did not know till recently was she never used a condom one time. On the pill but would only **** bareback as she said she wanted to feel them *** inside her. She says she loved getting ****** doggystyle and could always feel them *** inside her. This is all new news to me maybe she say more. Hope so.

Are you saying that over a nine year period DURING your 29 year marriage your wife had sex with four different men, and she only recently told you? Tell us more.

Typo. First time doing this. She lived with 4 different guys over 5 yr timeframe before we got married. I knew there was the 4 guys before we met but did not know until very recently she lived with them for lengthy periods and never used condoms.

my wife tells me stories about her past experiences and slowly plays with me and shows me how she did things. love to vid these, especially when she gets into the details of what they said and how it began etc. would love to hear someones elses stories


Im in the same boat as your husband. My wife and I separated for two years and are now back together again. Iove hearing about her ex boyfriend who had a huge ****. I love when she gets into details about oral sex and how he filled her up with his monster sized ****. I also like to hear how hw came in her. Do share your stories.

yes we do. love dirty stories. ex gf told me all of hers and we made few new ones too.

please share stories, I love when my wife tells. I want to know how I get her to like telling me.

It's a really difficult issue. The fantasy of freedom and the reality of jealousy are very different. What you don't know is if he'd be jealous. There's a lot at stake. Has he got a history of jealousy, with you or with a previous gf?

love to hear about wives past experiences . Not to much on my wife.She had one guy before me .

Well one beats none...Who wants a virgin...My marrage would not had suvived if she had been a virgin. She had 2 boyfriends...One in 10th and 11 grade...He fucke* her about 25 times over 2 years best I can find out...The second one was her basketball coach, married and a movie star looker.....He fucke* her 6 times her senior year, where she was home coming queen.....And once after we were married 18 years, with my blesssings...More if you ask for it......I have to beg her to talk about it, but I think she actually likes it better than she lets on...I hope

I been with many women in my life, today nothing turns me on more then knowing my wife was easily with over 100 guys before we got married.
The problem is she only likes talking lightly about this man and i like all the details, any advice ?

My wife used to tell me lots of stories which i am trying to post some of them. I loved it!!!

Heck yeah cause I also like hearing my wife's past sexual encounters

yes more please

Yes I think we all would.

I would love to hear them. Please

My ex use to travel out of town a lot for his construction job. He would encourage me to go out with my girlfriends to keep busy while he was gone. The problem was that most of my girlfriends were single and we were getting hit on all the time. I would tell the guys that I was married and that I wasn't interested but I think it was a safe challenge for them. I would pick a guy to dance with and if things went well we would go back to his place. I'll bet I slept with more than 50 different guys.
I was not on the pill and I only insisted on condoms if I was close in my cycle. I was so young and so stupid, very fortunate that I never got pregnant, because I let a lot of guys *** inside of me.

When my husband came home I would have sex with him right away, just in case I did get pregnant.

Once I had sex with 3 different guys in the same day, not at same time. I went home right after and had sex with my husband before I took a shower.

My husband loves to hear about how I selected my mate and how I decided who I would let *** inside of me. If I knew upfront or if I changed my mind during intercourse. Another favorite is starting with condom on and finishing with condom off.

Now he says he wants to film me with another man. He's even willing to let me date a guy until he's willing to let hubby watch.

Hubby says he doesn't want in on action until after my lover has satisfied me.

It all sounds really tempting but I'm still worried about the risk of destroying our marriage. What if I fall in love with the new ****?

I have a really slutty past that ended up costing me my 1st marrige.
I've been married for 10+yrs now and my husband loves to hear how I schemed and slept around on my ex husband. He get's really turned on and we have great sex.

He is now asking me if he can watch me sleep with other men... I would do it in a second but I'm affaid that I will lose him.

Definitely! I have always enjoyed my wife's stories about her past lovers. One of her former lovers had a nine inch ****. It's a real turn on sometimes to think about his 9" **** sliding in and out of her *****. I'm an averaged size guy.... 6" with what my wife says has quite a bit a girth to it.

Additionally, we are into all types of erotica.

Excitement maked the heart fonder

My husband wants me to tell him stories but I'm having a hard time doing so. I want to make him happy. Help!

Are you having a hard time because you don't have experiences to tell him about, or because you feel shy about telling him of your experiences with other men? If it's the latter, then I suggest you start slowly. Tell of the number of men who have ****** you without any details at first, and watch his reaction. If it turns him on that will make you more confident to share more. Then just drop things into the conversation. For example, I knew my wife had gotten laid by a guy almost half her age. I asked her what he thought of ******* an older, married woman. She just answered, "I was really tight." It was the only thing that she would tell me at that time, but it really caused a jolt to my groin.

Well, just tell him some and see how he reacts.....If he is like me, you will know that he wants to hear it, and if he is not jelous...I shiver when my wife tells me about how hard it was to get her first bfs dic* inside of her as hard as they pushed...I really never thought it was that hard, but her puss* was still very tight when I first fucke* her...

And oh damn it was so good and juicy and still is...............

Absolutely! I get really turned on when my wife tells me about old bfs having sex with her. Why should i ever be jealous. I wasn't born yesterday. For the better part, i am willing to try anything sexually for her. True stories about her past lovers or made up stories.

would love to hear your stories saraaus. i get turned on by my wifes ex lovers and there has been many

I told my wife about how I would like to hear about her past experiences but she doesn't understand the turn on for me. She thinks I need a shrink. Its nice to know that there are others like me. I've been like this for as long as I can remember. I feel selfish asking her to tell me stories. She is a very jealous women and does not like to hear about my past. She has told me some things but never in detail. I just fill in the blanks with my imagination. I really envy you guys with wives and g/fs that will share this stuff with u. Reading your stories is interesting but they are not about her. She is a wonderful woman whom I love dearly and would never want to lose becuz of this. I have decided to keep this to myself and not ask anymore. Has anyone ever talked about this with a professional? Just wondering how common it is or if we are freaks.

No way, more men than you realize like it....I think less women get turned on by it, but ha, lots do. I have a friend and his wife craved to see a guy give him a bj.....Guess what, she got her wish, and almost fainted with excitement watching it......You never know, until you ask.....

Would love to hear more. Turns me on when my wife tells me about her past.

wow... thats so good to hear others enjoy this also... my wife and I are both on our 2nd marriages and we both had fun single lives before and between marriages... i love hearing about the rodeo's and B and S balls she went to in her younger year... and like your hubby i love when she talks about the really big guys and a 3 some she had once... when she has a few drinks she tells the stories really slutty

Wold love to hear all of your stories...

Im totally with you, just by accident, I asked my wife about her previous lovers...we're open, and she told me. I never thought it would, but it turned me on so much, we had sex there and then. She tells me intimate graphic details of her ex lovers when we're having sex, and it blows my mind. I love it. All the other guys who do the same; Im totally with you

Me too, but often I have to put my hand over my wifes mouth to keep me from cummin* too quickly.......It's terrible for staying power, right?

Thanks Wifeyx. I understand my wife feeling guilty about those times. She nearly left me , I think. It is all very well wanting to hide from painful things, but it was 25 years ago. She has probably felt guilty for all those years. If she had explained to me what happened we could have avoided the barren years and moved on, as we are doing slowly now. I felt no anger when she told me. I just felt sad that sghe had held that in and happy that she had shared it. Do you still feel it wise to bottle things up.

My wife recently confessed that some years ago she had a fling with a guy we knew. Instead of being jealous it really excites me. She doesnt want to talk about it, which is a shame. I had suspicions at the time and was upset and also very aroused. I felt guilty about being excited and was quite angry. I wish I could go back in time and be more understanding. <br />
I feel embarrassed about the way I feel. It is good to know loads of other guys feel the same. one of the guys she worked with was also keen on her and they got close. That was the best time in our marriage. She was so so sexy ball the time and I got the benefit in bed<br />
I envy you guys who can share the fantasy with your wives. It must be great

I can relate to your wife's feeling. In my opinion it's best not to ask her about those expirences. By the sound of it she is most likely guilty for cheating you. It can effect someone's metal status if we keep poking that unwanted conversation. I can see it really turns you. But imagine u did something wrong in life and you regret it truly don't you want to forget that experience?

I had a Bf and we were in a very committed relationship before we broke up. It took me several years to get over him and to move on in life. Then I met my husband. Now he loves asking me sex stories abt my past which I don't want to remember as it will bring those feelings back towards my x BF which is not healthy for our relationship. But my husband doesn't understand. I do tell him the stories because I can see him getting so aroused. But I don't like it. It's a metal torture! I hope you understand where Im coming from and understand your wife not being selfish.

My husband loves asking me questions about my past sex experiences in detail when ever we have sex which I absolutely hate it as I want him to*** me passionately thinking it's me who he loves and it's me who he had married to *** all his life. Not *** me imagining I have been *** my other man! It's gross!

Thanks for ur reply

i agree that it is ok, he thinks you are a passionate woman and cherishes that.

My wife Jill had ten lovers before me and I love hearing about them. It is very stimulating. We have now agreed that she will take new lovers now and let me watch. Otis very erotic and we can't wait to get started.

We both love it! My personal 2 favourites were when she described in detail the thickest **** she had ever taken and when she described in detail the best sexual experience of her life. Ill post a summary of what she told me here in case anyone is interested.<br />
<br />
The thickest **** she has ever had stretching her ***** was at a party when she was 20 and her nickname with her best friends was "**** thirsty katie". Late on at the party when there were around 15 of them left and they were drinking in the lounge she stood up and asked the guy she had been flirting with to take her to another room. He obliged her and they found a room with a bed and started playing and stripping each other. She described her being naked and touching herself for him when he had only his jeans left covering his **** and then from her knees undoing his belt and pulling his jeans and underwear down in one motion. She was amazed and horny at the girth of the **** that was stiff and getting harder every moment inches from her face and reached out and started to milk him while stroking his thighs and balls until she was so eager she just turned and bent over the bed and told him to **** her. She describes his **** as slightly thicker than a coke can and slightly above average length with a very big helmet of the perfect shape which she struggled to fit into her ***** for what seemed to her like a long time despite her wetness. She had to turn around and lick and spit on his **** until it was soaking and he finally squeezed himself deep inside her tight *****.<br />
<br />
She says he just pounded her for only about 5 minutes and she came once as she rubbed her **** while getting filled and talking dirty to him and then he couldnt help unloading into her and filling her with a load from the fattest **** ever to use her *****. He apologised for being so quick and told her it was because she was so tight around his ****.<br />
<br />
They went back to their friends and she told them all how amazed she was at the size of his **** and how hard it was to get it inside her.<br />
<br />
The other favourite of mine was her describing her best ever sex in detail. There were around 10 of them in a pub mixed singles and couples and she took a guy she was flirting with to a nearby mens public toilet cubicle and sucked him and them braced herself bent over on the wall and let him **** her from behind until he came inside her. It was so hot for her because she talked dirty to him as he ****** her and people used the adjacent cubicle twice and must have heard. She loved going back to the pub table and described feeling his *** drippling from her ***** and own her leg as they all sat and drank. I love these stories :)

Oh damn Slipinside, what a great story...Thank you...When she got to pulling his jeans down to expose his thick dic* I got so hard and cu* was ozing out of my hard dic* and I almost lost it, but I am saving it for my wife tonight.....Thanks again and let's hear more......

would love to hear your stories

can i hear one of your stories...???

I too am interested in stories of my wife's past lovers, but not the details of the sex act. I am more interested in a complete number count and information about what turned her on about the guy and details about the meeting, flirting and seduction. I don't ask details about the sex act and she does not offer - it seems to cross our comfort line.

when i ask my wife to talk about her sex history, she will go into details and it really turns on. I love my wife so much.

Itotally understand. And martyteek, is not really strange. It happens / it is kinky horny.

it is common but not surprising. men want to marry a sexy woman that is desired by other men. Tell him the stories and better yet have him write them from his point of view.

Count me in. For long while now, i've realice, that I wantes to know details of their previous lover. To know her better, to make it mine that experience and learn to be a better lover for her. I like specific, & I mean specific detailsof the things they would do to her, how long, amount of load, the besst ****,was he loud, her best lover, relive it. It does get me hard and horny almost to loose control and ***, which really blos my mind

That is exactly how it started for us... my husband, during sex, wanted me to tell him about the sex I had with other men in the past. It became more frequent, the questions and answers more detailed: "Did he *** inside of you?" "Did you want his *****?" etc. Eventually, he asked me to take another man for sex. Eventually, this led to me have a "friend with benefits" that plays with us and without my husband present.

women are champagne bottles: once open you cant close them again and if you do then it wont taste the same

Yes please share with us i to get turned on by my wifes sexployets

I used to be very jealous about my present wife before we were married. We were very serious, but when she went away to college she cheated on me. I was devastated but we eventually got back together and got married. <br />
<br />
Years later, the idea of her cheating really excited me. I was especially excited to learn any details about their lovemaking. I once learned that the two or three really sexy see-through nightgowns were ones she wore for the other guy to get him excited. I guess I was dense and didn't realize this, until she told me one night. I had asked her why she didn't wear them more for me and she blurted out "I bought those a long time ago while in college."<br />
<br />
During extremely passionate foreplay one night when she was close to climax, I asked if she came while making love to the guy. To my amazement she said yes. I asked if he was much bigger and she said he was fatter. I hit new highs in arousal. <br />
<br />
Other times I asked in what position she came. She told me only in missionary. She would get on top, but never climaxed that way. <br />
<br />
Recently, I asked if he ever ate her. She reluctantly told me "Once." she wouldn't admit whether she climaxed that way. <br />
<br />
Since then, I asked her different things but she only tells little bits. Apparently this guy regularly make her reach the highest passion, something I must do prior to entry with my fingers or vibrator. <br />
<br />
She really doesn't like telling me these things although I've told her it really turns me on. I often find I ********** thinking about this guy pleasing her or her wearing those nightgowns to get him excited.

i like to hear that when we are ******* in bed

Interesting. My husband likes to hear about my past as well. At first I thought it was a bit odd and didn;t like te idea of talking about it but realise now he enjoys it. I was a sexual girl in my single days so I've got a few expereinces to share. He likes to know where we were, how big the guys were etc etc. Always likes me to talk dirty about it. You know how i sucked his **** and spread my legs and how it felt going in.<br />
<br />
Moer recently he has asked me to have sex with this friend of his while he watches. Thinking about it. Still find it a bit strange though.

Interesting. My husband likes to hear about my past as well. At first I thought it was a bit odd and didn;t like te idea of talking about it but realise now he enjoys it. I was a sexual girl in my single days so I've got a few expereinces to share. He likes to know where we were, how big the guys were etc etc. Always likes me to talk dirty about it. You know how i sucked his **** and spread my legs and how it felt going in.<br />
<br />
Moer recently he has asked me to have sex with this friend of his while he watches. Thinking about it. Still find it a bit strange though.

I think you should have sex with your friend while your husband watches. That, too, is a big turn-on for most husbands.

Interesting. My husband likes to hear about my past as well. At first I thought it was a bit odd and didn;t like te idea of talking about it but realise now he enjoys it. I was a sexual girl in my single days so I've got a few expereinces to share. He likes to know where we were, how big the guys were etc etc. Always likes me to talk dirty about it. You know how i sucked his **** and spread my legs and how it felt going in.<br />
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Moer recently he has asked me to have sex with this friend of his while he watches. Thinking about it. Still find it a bit strange though.

Maryteek, you should be proud of your husband wanting to heat of your past experiences. I would love for my wife to share her past sexual experience in detail with me. That would be a big turn-on

I would love to share stories with you

Love to hear your stories. My wife dates, but she will only give me a general description of what she does.

Absolutely! I'd love to read your stories, especially if they're detailed in the foreplay too.<br />
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Write to me at<br />
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I'll send a story back to you.<br />
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I'm hwhub here is EP

Love to hear my wife talk about her previous lovers. Especially like to hear her talk about when she regularly used to have sex with her boyfriend and his mate together.

I also love to hear stories of my wife's sexual past. She especially likes the guys who shoot huge loads of ***. She had a **** buddy in college and they would go to his dorm and **** in between classes and go to her next class full of ***. Please share ur stories with us. Thanks. dc

I love to hear your stories because I too like to hear my wife's stories and now that I know all of them I want her to come up with new ones which we are involved together. I would love to share my wife.

I love hearing my wife telling me about her former lovers, especially guys who were well hung. Don't know why, it just turns me on. She doesn't do it anymore-so sad...

I love hearing my wife telling me about her former lovers, especially guys who were well hung. Don't know why, it just turns me on. She doesn't do it anymore-so sad...

I love hearing my wife telling me about her former lovers, especially guys who were well hung. Don't know why, it just turns me on. She doesn't do it anymore-so sad...

I would love to hear more, I too love hearing my wifes stories of past lovers, I get sooo turned on, she thinks I'm crazy and has stopped telling me.