A One-time Experience For Her

Although she knows how much I enjoy hearing about her fantasies and her past experiences, Alison is rarely willing to share them with me, mostly because she seems to prefer enjoying the moment rather than dwelling on memories.  However, she shared one story that has always excited me more than the others.

I am a big fan of ***********, and my wife is not particularly.  At times, she will indulge me, but she claims that she has never really been into it.  She did, though, have one notable experience with it before we met...

She was in college, and her relationship with her boyfriend was souring.  She was friends with the Don Juan of her class, an athletic, good looking, half-white/half-black fellow.  They were chatting in her room, and the talk turned to sex.  She'd had a number of partners, but remained somewhat straightforward in her approach to sex -- nothing adventurous, and not even much in the way of ************ often.  He asked if she had ever had an ******, and she said that she had not.

He moved in and began to pull down her shorts and her panties.  "What do you think you're doing?!" she asked, a bit panicked, yet excited enough not to say "no" or to push him away.  "It's time you had this experience," he replied, and then dove right in, licking away.

At this point in the story, I had to ask her, "What did he do that felt so good?"  She told me that he was particularly good at flicking his tongue lightly over her clitoris (which I know is very sensitive for her).  But what really added to her excitement was that she thought her boyfriend might walk in on them at any moment!  The nervousness made her that much more sensitive to his manipulations.

Now, having told me what he had been doing to her, Alison could tell that I was terribly excited.  Knowing my predilections, she added an extra bit of information that put me over the edge.  "I tried to squirm away because I thought we'd get caught, but he held on tightly and pinned me down.  No matter what I did, he kept licking away until I had a huge ******!"

Luckily for me, in this rare willingness to share a story with me, she had been stroking me the whole time.  She finally went full speed, and I came hard, so excited to hear about this experience of hers.  Apparently, although she is now quite good at achieving ******* at will from a variety of methods, that is the only time she ever came from a good licking.

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awesome story! have to love the college years.....I have the same interest in my wife's past...check out my story