My Wife's Story

This one gets me every time, although she won't tell it often...


She was just out of high school and had been sleeping with guys on a regular basis.  She was at a party out in the country and started making out with some guy in front of the bonfire.  He went up her shirt right in front of everyone but for the most part they were keeping it pretty tame.  Eventually, they got up to go find a place to ****.  Eventually they got in the bed of a pickup and started going at it.  It wasn't long until people started milling about around the pickup, casually leaning on the truck and chatting with their friends.  People were pretending to not watch them, but as the guy ****** her she would look around while laying their and briefly make eye contact with people before they looked away.  She could her some people talking about the fact that the two of them were going at it right there in the bed of the truck, they were hardly being discrete.  Eventually he shot his *** inside her.  At that point (this is my favorite part) she pulled her panties and pants back up and went back to the party, spending the rest of the night with his sticky load inside of her and slowly dripping out as she talked with people (most of whom knew that she had just gotten laid).  It turns me on just typing this.

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turned me on to my wife did that sort of thing and i love to hear it to i bad she wasnt on top the other boys would have enjoyed the view

affected me too

oh hell xcaffiene is 110% on the mark! yes that is the worlds sexiest thing to be next to a woman that you KNOW has just had sex, especially of you know she is still wet and drippy from it.<br />
<br />
when Liz does something bad and comes out from a place where I know she has just gotten laid I am driven to distraction.