My Grandpa and His Stories

man....he has the greatest stories. war stories, love stories, even dirty old man stories lol. i could sit and listen to him for hours and not say a word.....every time i go over he always has a new story to tell me about something that happened to him in the past....ill give an example

my grandpa is the proud owner of a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T and OMG am i in love with it (he got me hooked on older cars as a child and ever since the only type of car i love is old school american muscle) but he was telling me one time he was sitting at a light in between two huge city busses (this is back when he was in his 20 and first got the car) when the light turned green he let the two busses get far enough ahead and he floored it. the echo must have been amazing... hearing that 440 big block scream between 2 busses at 5000 RPMS im gettin the chills just thinkin about it. what he didnt realize is that there was a police car going the opposite way in traffic waiting for him at the other end of the intersection... he didnt even blink on what to do, he gunned it even harder and was tearin down the street probably doing like a hundred or something.. he said by the time he looked back in the rear view mirror that cops car was a spec and getting smaller......

he just has stories like that, that i just love to hear....

another one was when he was driving in his bosses car to lunch. he was sitting behind his boss when he decided to open a can of dr pepper. little did he know that this dr pepper was extremely fizzy and pretty much exploded all over the back of his boss, and the car.... completely terrified my grandpa just sat there with a blank stare on his face, and as his boss turned around slowly he said "thank you for sharing your Dr. Pepper with me, but next time please ask first."

man.....his stories are epic....i could go at this all day he has some stories thats for sure

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I enjoy stories from everyone, but I have found the best come from the elderly. I could listen to them for hours. =)

LOL! these are great stories, thanks for sharing them