The Baby'S Adorable Laugh

I was awakened by a little noise from my uncomfortable sleep. It's still dark when I opened my eyes and I'm sure that most of the people in that plane were sleeping but the noise was keeping me awake.
It seems to me that the source was just beside me. So I open my eyes wildly and I saw the baby girl in the aisle playing with my shoe.
She's giggling and looks very happy. The frown in my forehead went gone as I heard her giggles turned into laughing. Her mom was alerted and was about to grab her baby but I said, "No, it's okay. Let her play."
I was having fun watching her but I was also worried that she might wake the other passengers. Well, she did woke the other passengers near us but they were seem happy to see her. 
We had flown for almost 14 hours and I felt really tired.  That flight is one of my   best flight. I still remember her laugh and it still make me smile.
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Baby laughs are therapeutic