Just Gets Inside Me

I love all of it. From the hardcore screamo and thrash metal to the melodic and goth rock. It just clicks with me.

I can appreciate other music, I won't choose to listen to it but I can tell if someone's good or not. So I'm not what you'd call a hardcore fan because my music range fringes on a few other area's, namely around Enter Shikari and Before Their Eyes which have elements but fall in a different genre.

But something about it just clicks with me, helps release all the tension and drowns out everything else. Its probably one of the few types of music I actually want to dance to and sing along with out of actual choice not peer pressure. Something I can get lost in.
Unfourtunatley I don't have many friends who like the same music, and there aren't many clubs near me willing to play it regularly so I'm having a hard time mixing with other fans.

I can't really explain why I like it. Especially as I started out listening to Eminem then progressed through Pop to Pop Punk then Punk and Alternative and finally to Heavy Metal. Well I say finally I could end up listening to nothing but classical for all I know.
But right now I love this music I can't get enough of it and literally act like a puppy when I find a new band thats awesome.
AgeonAngel AgeonAngel
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

I loves my metal, too. Metal doesn't give a sh** if you like it... it just rocks on! I personally dig that.