Metal: The Source To Release

I'm not sure how others feel when they listen to Metal, but I feel a tension of hatred towards anyone or anything released from my evilness. The first time I heard  Iron Maiden was with singer Paul DiAnno. The calmness before he belts a storm from the guttural voice of his. Then when he left I thought IM was doomed! Then a guy from a group I've grown to love, Samson, came and stole the spotlight with his genius. I couldn't believe my ears on how long Bruce Dickinson could carry a yell and not faint in the process. No wonder he went solo. Then Blaze came in. Where does Harris, Murray and Smith find these guys! When I first heard The  X Factor, I could have sworn it was Bruce! Then I started to experiment in looking at other groups. I'm the kind of guy who starts from the beginning of things. Rocka Rola just sounded awesome. Now, I'm not gay, but if I did want some guy to sing for me for the rest of my life, Rob Halford would be his name! How gut wrenching this guy can be! I had a contest to see who could sing one tune the longest between Rob and Bruce, I still can't tell you. Probably Bruce now, but if Rob was in his prime....Judas Priest has got to be the most wicked music ever. Just from there first album with the trilogy Winter, I couldn't believe the sounds that came from Tipton and K.K. Downings guitars. The master as a duo of metal guitarist. Besides KK is such a cool name! When he left, which I can't blame him at 60, I don't think you can get the chemistry that they produced, but it will be an album that is going to be hot off the market, just to see if they could produce the same sound. I could go on with all the artist  Metal produces, and the different sounds each artist does, but it would be a book.  I'm sorry to all the other artist and fans of those artists I didn't mention. I too have others I would love to talk about, but these two were the making of me as a person who craves this style of music. (raising my fist, resembling my astrological sign of Taurus, I praise you Metalheads)
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