My Favorites

My favorite metal songs are Holy Diver by Dio and Redemption By Shadows Fall. Shadows Fall is my favorite band. Most people in my school don't understand how great metal is. I do however. Metal is an essential pa rt of my life. It makes me feel complete.  

evansbl11 evansbl11
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3 Responses Jun 2, 2007

Yeah Holy diver is a good song.I am starting to listen to metallica now got their first album Kill em all last week 4 horse men is a cool song on it i am going to get the rest of their albums soon.

Holy Diver makes me think of Beavis and Butt Head<br />
Duh Duh - Duh Duh - Duh Duh!

Awesome choice on Holy Diver, the song, and Dio kick.