But I Rarely Listen Anymore

Paranoid (Black Sabbath). The first heavy metal song (i'm pretty sure). It "said it all". It's still so good. And no, i don't remember it frm when it came out.

Metallica. Lyrics mostly about ME,  that could have saved me some trouble, but I didn't really listen until years too late.

Pantera is just all classics right? Fave got to be Vulgar Display of Power, it's ALL anthems.

Korn. Oh sh!t. Maybe i should never have listened to this?. An awful lot of truth, but is it really helpful to anyone?

Soulfly, right up my street. I like runnin around in the woods

in my camouflage, aiming my spade at helicopters whilst listening to Soulfly on my headphones. Any.

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6 Responses Jan 19, 2009

I deleted daddy from my mp3 pla<x>yer and I don't listen to the CD, I pretty-much forget it was on there.

I can never make my mind up about that.. when I wrote this story, two days after I found EP, I was in a bad depression.. I actually love Korn. lol. I think I maybe just listened to it too much.

korn has helped me alot and still does. they are amazing i love them

I love that song. =)

I was laughing at your spelling of Ozzy!!! *rolls eyes*

oozy? lmao! right, no more drinks for you! =p