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I LOVE finding guys that will **** my wife. A major turn on for me. I usually met them online or through websites..then I let her chat with them and if she likes..we're good to go

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5 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I have a few choice sites that have worked best for us multi.

that's so hot i would love it if my wife would let me find guys for her to ****. i really want her to start ******* other guys.

well the place we have had the most luck has been adultfriendfinder back when yahoo used to allow adult chat and let you create your own rooms we met alot of people there as well. When we first started playing we went to a few swinger parties...but that of course turnned out to nto really be what we were looking for

Yes, my wife leaves all or most of the searching to me. She prefers to just meet cold - I suppose strangers are her thing?

Don't we all ? Tell how you intend, or practice this. Would love to see what it is that you share.<br />
LOL<br />