My Struggle For Living Will Ever End Or Not........

i love my husband and two sons very much. i got married in 2000. it was a love marrige. we had kept  loving each other fro 6 years pior marrige. we faced many problems as my husband was not well of financially as my parents wanted for me.but they had to surrender before our true love. but money was a big thing plus my mother in law was also not good to me. i have to face many problems as i cant sare these problems with my parents as the choice was mine. since now he faces failure in what ever he does. i was not able to do job as to look after mother in law and kids.till now i am not able to keep my kids as i wanted them to. with my husband and lots of poor women i have started  business of hand knitted & crochet woolen products . i am just earning very less. iwnat to he;p my kids and other women so that they can live a better life. for this i need to get better payments and good business offers. if any one could help by buying our products it would be a great help.

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

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