More Than Pancakes

Theres a little pancake hut that is pretty well known in our city (famous for its pancakes!) and its on the run down area side of our city. Everytime you go there, there's always homeless people asking for money.

I hate to watch any form of human suffering, no matter how little or small; I wouldnt be able to be in their shoes. So I started collecting any spare change I have or find (from pennies to dollars) and every few weekends when I go with my friends out to brunch I give the spare change to any of the homeless looking for money. Its not much but its something: it will hopefully make it one less day they have to go with out food, water or anything else.

I know people say they spend it on alcohol, but there's a chance that at least one of them will use it to put food on their plate...or even a childs plate.

FastLaneC3 FastLaneC3
18-21, F
Mar 28, 2009