Frustrated Girl

Hi. I am 21. I am so much confused about my life. My problem is I really can't understand what is good for me. I think a lot about my life but I can't get any solution of it. I am studying Association of Certified Charted Accountant but I cant concentrate so I failed. I am also frustrated toward my boyfriend. He loves me but maximum time he don't understand me at all. I tried so many times to tell him what I feel but he don't what to talk about it. I need help. How can I find what I want from my life ?
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Don't worry, have a Patience, this is difference between male and female thinking. diff. in brain chemical and hormones. Probably he didn't have sister so he doesn't understand what are needs of female over and above sex.
Just love him and slow make him your follower with love and affection