Helping Kids

Well right now (1/16/13) I'm busy putting another PC together for some child in the foster care system. Rarely is there money to get them anything but rhe things needed to survive.

(on and off here as I am tending to downloads, etc)  Anyway, I' like to put together "wolfs in sheep's cloting" of sorts for them.  The one I'm building is a small form factor overclocked with dual Athlon processors.  OK where was I?  OK, anyway, this is going to make a hellacious gaming PC for some kid even processing at 32 bits plus doing a lot of other things. Gotta find some albums of what kids like now and put it on as an extra since this also renders dolby digital 6.1.

It's fun for me and will surprise somebody when they find out what they have, thinking its only a hand-me-down (NOT).  Old parts, but it keeps me tinkering. And, it's fun to do.
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Jan 16, 2013