Cheating Wife

You climb on top in a 69 with your panties still on,my arms under you so I can't touch. I can smell the sweet musky scent of your *****,I can see the wet spot where it soaked through your panties just inches from my face.You free my **** and suck it to get it wet and slippery as you lower your ***** to my nose so I get a better sense of your wetness through your panties.
As you stroke my slippery **** you say "I have a surprise for you" and reach back pulling your panties aside.

Your ***** is dripping wet,your lips red and swollen.Just the very end of a condom can be seen,tied in a knot,the rest of it stuffed deep inside your sweet *****.I know you've been unfaithful again and I should be mad but for some reason it just excites me more. "Now lick and suck my lips" and you lower your ***** down grinding it on my face I can taste your wetness and the latex taste of the condom licking and sucking them sweet swollen lips as you slowly stroke my hard ****. "Now my ****" as you reposition yourself "Suck it like I sucked his ****" you say. "Make me *** again the way he made me *** ******* me" As swollen as it is it's no trouble taking her **** between my lips and sucking it as her juices cover my face.

Her knees clamp my head and her ***** is grinding my face,I know your about to ***!I continue to suck and lick until I feel the shaking and grinding slowly come to an end.Lifting herself up slightly I can no longer reach that sweet ***** with my tongue but have a close up view of her wet puffy *****,the end of the condom still sticking slightly out. "Pull it out with your mouth" as she lowers her ***** to my mouth. I get my lips around the end of it and slowly start slipping it out of her,In order to get it all the way out I have to take most of it in my mouth.

I can't believe shes making me do this,I have the condom that not long before covered the **** of her lover in my mouth.I should be upset but for some strange reason it excites me and shes slowly stroking my **** as I do it.She knows she has total control over me and shes taking full advantage of that. She climbs off of me but still holding my **** in one hand takes the condom from my mouth with the other.She dangles it over my face.I can see the end if filled with his ***."Open your mouth" she says and when I do she stuff the used condom in. "Now suck it" as I suck the condom filled with her lovers *** she strokes my throbbing **** very slowly,she know I'm on the edge about to *** and she wants to keep me that way for a while longer.

I'm begging for her to finish me off but she just continues to tease.As I suck the *** filled end of the condom she unties the knot and pulls it from my mouth. "Look how much my lover ****" she says as she takes it by the tip and it's contents slowly starts to ooze out all over her beautiful ample breasts. After she has squeezed out every last drop she presses her breasts into my face. "lick them clean" she says holding my head tight while stroking my **** as I lick her lovers salty *** from my wife's breasts she tells me how much she likes ******* his big **** and will be ******* him anytime she feels the need.

Tasting his *** on her and hearing her words is too much and my **** erupts all over her hand but she continues to stroke it untill her breasts are completely clean than she orders me to the bathroom to get a towel to clean her hand of my ***
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whyn a towel?

wow!!! sooo hot!

Hot story!!!! You have a very good wife