Full Of ***

He was in a bar one night just another guy who was out for some *****. I was just another drunk **** looking for a good time. The usual pickup lines and moves. he bought me a drink tried to see how far he could push it before I’d tell him to **** off but i was ovulating so i was wet n didn’t bother to stop him. he said he wanted to **** me so i followed him outside into an ally (stumbling the whole way.lol). Before he turned around to see if i was following him i was on my knees with my legs spread looking up at him. He was surprised but only for a moment. he pulled out his **** n said "suck it ****". i did and a couple mins later when i thought i was about to taste his *** he pulled out told me to stand up n get against the wall. i put my hands on the wall n spread my legs wide enough for my skirt to ride up and him to see how wet my ***** was. he teased my **** with his **** still wet from my attention to it earlier. in my drunken haze i faintly recalled that i was fertile. with one quick rough pump of his hard **** into my ***** the thought was gone. i moaned and arched my back as he ****** me harder and harder. i hear him ask if im on the pill... i was so turned on and so close to the edge i moaned "yes im on the pill, please *** in my *****". Before i could think about what id just said he thrust his **** head against my cervix and i felt him throb as his balls unleashed what felt like every drop of his ***** into my ovulating uterus. Once he had emptied himself and gone limp he pulled his **** out of my soiled used **** and went back inside. i stood there against the wall legs spread *** dripping out of me for what seemed like forever. Then i walked back into the club sat at the bar and ordered what i thought would be my last "one for the road" for the next 9 months.
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my wife did that sort of thing when she was your age and even older always came home with no under ware

What a sexy fun wife!

Hot story! I love it.

You absolutely rock!

Wonder where all the drunk ***** are

Sweet wish it was me **** all up in U Baby !!

Damn wish I could have bred you