Staying Quiet About It

I know my wife, Paulie, has been making love to other guys frequently since shortly after we married nearly two years ago. I love that she does this, but we've never talked about it. Sometimes she has come home and let me make love to her after I know she's been with someone else. When this happens, she just says she's been thinking about us and got really wet; but I can smell him, whoever he was. I usually come after a couple of strokes; once I had to just quickly get my **** inside her because I was coming with the thought of her taking a lover deep in her sweet p*ussy lover. This is such a turn on for me, I can always get hard again and go for a lot longer. The problem is that I'm quite impotent unless Paulie is full of another guy's s*perm.

I can't beging to tell you how much this turns me on. Now I'm curiously aroused telling you all and am just about to jack off. It would be great to talk to other guys and women in person and tell them how much I enjoy my lovely wife, Paulie, being ****** by others. I think the biggest turn on would be to tell my friends and relatives--perhaps her friends, too--that she ***** other guys and I approve. I love feeling second class to other guys! How many others feel this way???

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I feel the same way. I get really turned on when she comes home with a load of *** inside her. I love slippery seconds and I even enjoy eating her when she is filled up.

You can see it really good in black panties when it soaked that double la<x>yer there, where the ***** touches it. It's really sharp if it is still wet and she leaks it out. With a visible wet spot in her jeans, too. Than you know some guy unleashed a big load inside her, while she was screaming and yelling for more ;-)

I love the idea!

Yeah I do, too, I wish my wife would fill herself up with the Ex I know, he would shoot out straight inside her *****, because he is still hot for her. I would do her right after, I believe two strokes would be enough to come in her......