Every Time She Goes Out...

I'm at home ******* off thinking about her getting ******.  i imagine her coming home with *** all over and in her ***** and letting me lick her.  has never happened though :(  

sometimes she comes home really drunk and i get her to tell me about all the hot guys that wanted to **** her at the bar.  Im hard now thinking about it!!

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My wife is a prim and proper lady during the day. She dresses conservatively. She never gives any hint that she is a naughty, promiscuous sex-craving woman at night. We have friends that have hinted at swinging but she let them know in no uncertain terms that we don't do that kind of thing. She never screws friends, relatives or people that are drunk, high or dirty-mouthed. But her and her girl friend go out and get a load of *** every opportunity they can get. She loves to come home to me and let me eat it out of her while she tells me the intimate details of what her and her lover did. It drives me wild. It is apparent to everyone one we know that we are a very happy couple and that I worship my wife. The only thing they don't know is why. Here is a helpful household hint I'd like to pass on. My wife uses a large cork in her p***y to hold the c** and keep it fresh until she can bring it to me. Now I think that that is TRUE love.

yes! would love that for my wife too!

Just keep encouraging her and reassuring her that you won't be mad if she actually comes home dripping another guy's ***. And then, you have to live up to the promise that you don't hold it against her!

Aww.....this tread is hot.....my wife never did it, but I wished she's gotten home all messed up, so I could make love with her, I would have loved to slip inside her *****-loaded *****, banging her really good......

Usually with her sister and her friends. I almost always go down on her when she gets home. Maybe one day I'll get a surprise!

what makes you so sure she isn't ******* some of those guys that thinks she/s hot? and why is she going out alone getting drunk? who is she with? think about it dude, you may be getting what you've wished for and don't know it.