Nothing Better

I love it when my wife goes out for a couple hours with her new man or bf, She is a true **** but it's what i like especiallly when she comes home a wreck, hair messed up huge *** hickies all over body, it drives me wild but the best part is seeing her panties filled with her lovers *** and seeing her stretched out **** ready for me....I love sliding all the way in her on the first try knowing she probally cant feel much of anything , i mean i cant really either but just knowing why makes you *** quicker than if you had the tightest ***** in the world in front of you.

timjohnrob timjohnrob
12 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I hope you eat her after all that *******. NOTHING smells or tastes any better than the combination of scents and flavors of *** and **** juices drooling out of a freshly ******, hot *****!

Dude you have one heluva ***** on your hands!!! We would all love to see her used too. How bout some pics of her with *** all over her face? Maybe with 3 or 4 black ***** too!!

Sounds like you have a very hot wife on your hands there!

Sounds hot! I'm hoping my wife comes home like that one night.

Totally agree. <br />
My wife has only done this maybe a dozen times, but on a few occasions I have photographed my wife (BEFORE and AFTER) - as she leaves all dolled up for her lover, and then again when she returns well-******, hair disheveled, makeup smeared, clothes wrinkled, ***** lips swollen and red, panties wet with ***. Having seconds a short time afterward is a silky smooth experience. <br />
She has not been out for s strange **** for over a year, but I hope she will again - what a fun life!

nope ohio sorry

I'm moving to Ohio!

I have ****** my wifes well used and stretched out **** many many times. I love cleaning her **** too, but only before I **** her. She also loves DVP, and I gotta tell you, cramming 2 hard ***** in a womans **** will stretch it out more than anything, and being filled to overflowing afterwards...mmmmm! Good for you, 1way. Keep on going! It only gets better.

I couldn't agree with you more! Especially if i get the chance to taste her used ****** before I slide into her.

great comments guys thanks

Great story and great comments, I agree with them all. I especially love when my wife is well marked all over her body but especially in visable places like her neck so that everyone can see and comment on it and we both know that I didnt do it, makes me so hard! Yeah and the feeling and ease of sticking your **** in her well used wide open ***** is amazing, as you said u cant feel much as she is so wide and she defifnatley cant, but the feeling of all his hot *** mixed with all the her hot juices and the guy's scent all over her and her massively swollen dark red lips is amazing and I *** so quick!

I must say there is nothing like it.... Even if she appears to be normal once you get her naked the smell on her body is incredible.... I always go to her breasts and around her neck to taste where she was marked... If I get her soon after her ***** is kind of swollen and like you said stretched and wet! Kissing her at times is unmistakable isn't it?

Oh yeah, this is the absolute best! Having her come in looking like the real **** she is, and knowing she's been used like one. Then taking your turn with the hot *****.....