Slutty Wife

My wife has always had a healthy sex drive. Occasionally, I would return home from work to the sight of her using her vibrator. On one particular day, I came home to find her on the bed pumping a fat ***** into her *****. I coyly asked her, “Are you trying to make yourself a loose, little **** for me?”

As I ******** off my clothes she responded, “Not yet, since if I did try, you would not be able to **** me properly. Where is the fun in that?”

I moved up and replaced my wife’s ***** with my ****. I told her how loose she felt and how much of a **** she was for always wanting her ***** stretched out. I started to **** her harder and harder until she started coming. After she came down from her high, she started in by telling me that I must like the idea of ******* *****. I responded by quickening my already furious pace. My head started to spin as I began to come inside my wife’s *****. I pulled out and collapsed next to her. As she grabbed a tissue and started to wipe up she said, “Seeing how much you just came, I should show you what it is like to **** a real ‘loose ****’ some time.”

I told her that I would like that and the idea was forgotten the time being. A few months passed and my wife was nearing the end of her “horny” time of the month, which was typically the first week or two of going back on her pill after her period. She had gone through a longer than usual “horny” period this month, but I was not worried as it meant more sex for me. I had come home to a naked, horny wife every day during the previous two weeks. I was definitely enjoying life.

On this particular Friday, I had to work later than usual. I had told my wife that I would be home at 7:30pm instead of my normal 5:30pm. She was saddened a bit as we usually go out on Fridays, since she doesn’t have class. She had gone back to college after I started my career, so she could finish her degree.

I had a good day at work, even though the extra two hours were tedious. I kept thinking about what toy my wife might be playing with at that moment. At 7:10pm, I began cleaning up to go home. It would only take me 10 minutes to lock up and 10 more to get home. As I got out of my chair, the phone rang. I normally don’t answer the phone after hours, but caller ID displayed my home number. I answered the phone, “Hey Hun!”

Sounding out of breath, she responded, “Hi… are you doing? Are you… going to be….home at 7:30 or later?”

“I am doing just fine. Are you okay? You sound kind of winded. I should be home by 7:30 as I was just starting to close up for the night. How was your day?”

She still sounded like she had run a marathon. “Good…good. I am doing great. Oh oh…I went out to the mall and made a new friend. We did a little shopping and I bought you a little something. Did…uh…anything…uh…interesting happen at work today?”

 “Nothing real interesting happened here. Are you sure you are okay? What are you doing?”

I was getting seriously concerned. She replied, “Oh yes! I am perfectly fine. Just gimme a minute. Don’t…uh…go…uh…anywhere.”

I heard her put the phone down and I could now hear what sounded like springs squeaking. As I began to put one and one together in my head my suspicions were blatantly confirmed by my wife’s words, which I could hear even with the phone put down. She was never a quiet one.

“Oh **** yes! **** me harder with that fat ****! Stretch my little ***** out! Oh…oh…oh…I am gonna ***! ****! Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” which was followed by a male groaning as the springs squeaked more rapidly as she continued, “Yes! Yes! *** deep in my *****…Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Then it seemed like the world stopped. I could not believe that I just heard my wife **** another man. My mind was racing but everything else had just stopped. Even the cars outside my office window all seemed to have frozen in time and space. What was I going to do? Does my wife even love me? Do I need to get a lawyer? I thought I knew my wife. The room suddenly started to spin and I slumped over my desk. Was I going to puke?

“Honey…honey…HONEY! Are you there?” said my wife over the phone line. I was brought back to reality and noticed that I still had the receiver held tight to my ear. I looked down and realized while the blood had drained out of my head, it apparently drained into my “other head.” I was hard as a rock.

“Yeah,” I replied meekly.

“Well, you better come home so I can show you what it is like to **** a real ‘loose ****’ and try not to worry all the way home. I love you more than everything.”

I mumbled, “I love you, too,” and got up to return home. My brain had given up on trying to figure out how I felt because I was horrified, yet oddly turned on. The feeling in her voice when she said her last statement comforted me somewhat. It did not sound like she was going to run off with this guy.

After an excruciating long 10 minute drive home, I pulled up in the driveway. There were no other cars parked nearby. I walked into the house to hear my wife call from the bedroom. I put my stuff down and walked to the bedroom. My wife was lying on the bed, totally naked, with her legs spread. I noticed there was nobody else in the room.

“Hey Hun. How did you get rid of your new friend so quickly?”

She giggled and replied, “I told him that I needed his name and address, just in case, because I have not taken any of my birth control pills this month. He shot out of the house like it was about to explode or something.”

“Yeah, telling any guy that after having them *** inside you would get rid of him.”

“Now, can we stop talking about other guys? I want YOU to come **** me and feel how loose I am. I got ****** by an extremely fat ****, though it was shorter than yours.”

I ******** off my clothes, exposing my hard **** to my wife. She smiled as I got down on top of her and started to push my **** into what felt like a totally different ***** than the previous night. It was a mess. There was so much *** and there was very little friction. She was really stretched out.

My wife looked at me and said, “This is what it is like to **** a loose ****. You can barely feel it and I can barely feel you inside me. Isn’t it a good thing that I am not normally so slutty. Why don’t you **** me in my tight *******, since neither of us is going to get off this way?”

I pulled out and she turned over. I had never ****** her *** before. I had never had the guts to ask her. My **** was so wet from the sloppy mess that was in her ***** that my **** slid easily into her ***. I began ******* her slowly and she started moaning. I picked up the pace until I was ******* her hard and she was begging for more. All of my emotions were coming out as I drove my **** into her *** over and over until I felt like I was going to pass out. Then, there was the release and I felt like I was walking on clouds. When I came down from my euphoria, I realized that all my frustration and anger had left my body during that ******. I washed up and returned to the bed to find my wife asleep, *** still dripping from between her legs. I figured that I would wash the sheets in the morning. I fell asleep next to my wife.

I woke up late in the morning to a note from my wife. I read it through. She asked me to throw the sheets in the washer. She also said that she had gone to pick up my present from the mall now that it was ready and that she loved me. I put the note down on her nightstand. I put the sheets in the washer and started it. I then went back into the bedroom and took a nice long shower. I jacked off to the thoughts of what had happened the previous day, though my head was hurting a bit. After I got out and dried off, I went to my wife’s nightstand drawer to get some Advil. I got the pills and as I began to close the drawer, I saw something that made my mouth drop to the floor….my wife’s unopened birth control pill case.


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Great story with a great ending

No wonder she was so horny...Hot Story! Thanks for sharing. dc

Nice ending :)