Talk To Me!

To me being highly educated does not necessarily mean having many degrees. A person can gain knowledge by listening to others, reading, searching, the Internet, or just plain living their lives. I like a man that can talk to me about current events and history.  I like a man that can talk finance and movies.  I look for someone that can hold my attention but that can do this in multiple topics. Is this you? Maybe! Talk to me.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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21 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I am just so innocent and nice!


A hug is just a really big pinch you meanie..

yes u r u pinch me lol and all i try to do is hug u!

I am not!

hes mean to me lol

Yes you do.

O come on i always treat you good!

You are good at being an *** when you want to be. lol.

I have a TON of great and funny stories, but i am not looking to be a comedian. Just a simple *** does me just fine.

Maybe you can get stationed near a comedy club and you can do both.

Yeah i should be a comedian.

hehe that is funny.

Also my grandpa tells me if BS was music i would be a whole brass band, then i get called smartass all of the time. I really excel in many areas!


Im not highly educated i was just given a talent at a very young age. Ive been able to have adult conversations since i was 3 years old.. Ask my second family they are still amazed by it.


It was too big to put it in here. However, I do have a picture of it in my album. (But be warned!)

hehe! sure.

Hey FG, Want to see my... IQ? I got a big one (but I don't want to brag!)

LOL you are so funny.