Walk This Way

Can be calming, its certainly is peaceful.Taking that solitude outdoor walk,beautiful scenery in occasional unknown territory. Alone rarely, usually take my dog with me.
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2 Responses Apr 4, 2012

I love walking too on a beautiful day i will walk into town sometimes taking the longer but more scenic route, it brings about peace of mind and a chance to admire the beauty of nature .. :)

have to take the scenic route -yes

as a woman, i have always walked, hiked alone with my dog. i've never been scared but once, a pack of wild dogs came around and i yelled and waved my arms like a madwoman and they ran away. but yup... there is nothing more relaxing, calming then a walk along the river... through the woods.. looking and walking.. cool!

You never know, good those dogs heeded your warning.Always nice to get out !