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Its So For Me

My favourite places for hiking,are through mountains and forests,and I love Hiking naked and bare feet
I love feeling the earth beneath my feet,and I have found that the damage it causes going bare foot,is less than shoes.When one is in a forest,the feeling of energy as you trudge through the the thickly covred ground is amazing,its soothing to one soul in a way,and I just love the diferent textures when hiking bare feet...the soft forest floor,the painfull sharp stones whhen hitting a plato....the mud between your toes,the grasping ability of toes,the better balance when barefoot,the feeling of a rock face beneath your bare soles...the warm ground,and scrunching dew in the mornings....the swirling water over your feet,and even the odd thorn in the feet.

I feel that hiking in the nude,is the best way of hiking.One feels the very nature against your bare skin,and one feels very small against nature,especially against mountains and in forests.Nothing beats fresh cool mountain air against your naked body when you step out of your tent or cabin,that crisp cold,with the soothing heat of a fire towards your naked body.The absolute freedom to stand naked on a summit and looking down into the valleys.The sensation of warmth of the sun,the dripping of a forest against your naked body,the tall grass against your nakedness and genitals,the total fusion of your own being with the feeling of natural majesty...the transformation that takes pace in your psyche,I gues its a total feeling of returning to how we originally were.
Hiking clothed can in a way give a good feeling,but being naked,its just so much more intense,,,the smell of the nature on your naked skin and hair,the stickyness of forest air on your skin and hair....the caress of ferns on yyour nakedness.....its just the way to hike
kaalpoter kaalpoter 51-55, M 2 Responses May 10, 2012

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I read on a website that there is a nudist resort near Port St. Lucie that has a nature trail. Maybe I'll try that one day. I still don't understand why there are nudist people that walk around with only sneakers or other types of footwear. It kinda kills the whole concept.

I don't understand that either. If you go to the resort let me know how it was. I would like to try that myself.

I agree fully.It seems rather tacky.But then again,one must realise that not everyone is uded to the concept of walking barefoot,and the thought of hiking barefoot seems daunting to some,but the truth be known,hiking barefoot isn't all that painfull.Even mountain paths are soft and lush,just the occasional stoney sections can be taxing at times.But I hate it when one sees nudists wearing shoes...its stupid.

I've hiked naked and barefoot in the forest before and the feeling was amazing. That was when I lived in Virginia, U.S. I now live in FL and there isn't any forest around where I live and I can no longer enjoy running around naked anymore, But I still go everywhere barefoot 24/7/365 and that is a good compromise.