Mt. Pisgah In Winthrop, Maine

I hiked Mt. Pisgah in Winthrop, Maine 2 weeks ago. I've been there before but not sense I was like 13 or 14 at the most. It takes about on average 20 minutes to hike but it's beautiful when you get to the top. At the top there's a big water tower you can climb and there you can see Mt. Washington. There's a lot of colorful graffetti up there.

The far away mountain is Mt. Washington. 

There's a Indian legend on the Mountain. Everybody wonders why all the trees are messed up when people out of state come here. And I believe they have put up a sign now before the hike explaining why. I've known the legend for years but here it is: 

A Indian chief who used to live in the area centuries ago had a son who fell from climbing one of the trees in the area and broke his arm. It it not know in more detail about what happened to the Indian chiefs son, like maybe the bones didn't heal right, he died from infection, or he in reality died from the fall, but whatever it was it made the Indian chief really angry. So he put on a curse on all the trees on the land. His curse would make the trees wither away and die, and when new trees would grow there limbs would be twisted and all crooked for punishment for his sons broken arm. (Ya, I guess the guy blamed the trees for his son's broken arm, lol.)

A twisted "broken arm" tree branch on Mt. Pisgah. 
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May 13, 2012