Just Got Back From Vacation

The first two days, I went to Colorado and climbed a 14er. Then I went to Port Angeles Washington, and climbed up to the top of Klahane ridge. I did this by two different routes. Then I went to Mount Rainier Washington, and hiked more. Then, I hopped in a DeHavilland Dash 8 -- the Cadillac of turbo props -- and flew to Missoula, Montana. I was afraid of the grizzly bears, but talking to a ranger and buying a bottle of bear spray allayed my fears. I went on four long day hikes in Glacier. Now I am back on the east coast. I should be working, but I keep looking compulsively at maps.
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I have been to CO MT and WA hiking all are awesome. The Cascades are amazing as well as Rainier. Snowshoeing Rainer is one of my favorites.
There is great beauty in the lowlands as well. Michigan Wisconsin and Ohio I have experienced and it is a whole lot different than the western mountains. I need to try the east coast next. It's on my bucket list.