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I used to do most of my walking along streets in my neighborhood, but last year, at 52 years old, despite wearing pretty good shoes (New Balance) I started to get aching in my hips. 

Then I discovered a local state park, with dirt hiking trails.  This feels so much better to my joints!  There are about 10 different trails, from one mile and easy, to 2.5 miles and difficult.  They can be combined in several ways for a longer hike; the farthest I've gone was about 6 miles in one morning. 

There's always variety, in how you can hike them and in what plants are in flower.  Some parts of the park are elevated... can't wait to see what the higher trails look like in fall and winter. 

There are also 3 lakes, one that offers swimming, and lots of little streams to cross.  Sometimes I stop after a long hike to soak my burning feet in one of the streams. 

This is much more fun than walking along the same roadsides day after day, and of course I don't miss the traffic whizzing by a few feet away, or the aching hips. 

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2 Responses Aug 21, 2007

I'm with you! I also live nearby a large state forest with multiple hiking trails. So peaceful, it's almost like a form of meditation. The airs is cleaner and cooler.... it's blissful.

I want to walk with you ... sounds like a beautiful place ...<br />
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If I walk for exercise, I can't walk on asphalt or cement ... not even on a rocks. I have to walk on a rubberized track or dirt path simply because of the RSD and the bursitis in my hips. I can truly understand your need to move away from the congested streets for the purpose of your joints and it comes with a MAJOR benefit ... the relaxing scenery ...<br />
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Stick with it! It's good for you, as I'm sure you're well aware. You've inspired me ... I believe I'm going to turn a new leaf and begin walking again ... as best I can and as much my body will ...<br />
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Thank you!