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Over seven years ago; I was Letterboxing on Dartmoor(Devon / UK); and I met an old git; who had a winter jacket on; a woollen cap and fleece gloves on; and this was the 4th of July.  He seemed to know where he was going; and he plodded along; on his trail poles. 


I had been in the process of looking for an elusive 'letterobx' and hailed him when he went by; and asked if he were a 'letterboxer' and if he knew where the box was.  He wasn't; he was a walker.  On his return through the pass; he gave me his name and number and I mine; and talked about walking in the far reaches of the moor. 

About two weeks later he called; and arranged for a walk.  It was supposed to be about 7 miles long; and about 3 hours long.  It was after 'foot and mouth'; the trails and tracks had grown over.  He got lost; and we had lunch in the central bog; and after 7 1/2 hours; we returned back to the car.  The walk was over 20 miles long!    Feet soaking; bitten by midges...he said; I guess after today; you won't be wanting to go for anymore walks.  I said; maybe not tomorrow; BUT nah, I'm fine to go walking.  He was 82.  We spent every week or two; though sometimes even more then once a week walking.    Usually anywhere from 7 - 20 miles at a go.


I know Dartmoor well; especially north Dartmoor.  I have hiked some of north Wales with him; and many parts of the wes of Scotland and The Highlands.

I moved to Wales three years ago; and we took a trip to Scotland about 15 months ago.  BUT at his advanced age; he had trouble getting over styles; and the weather troubles him unless it was warm; and then he fell in to dementia; and it became dangerous to travel or walk with him.


I do miss him.  He was like a father to me. 


I tried to join a local walking group; BUT they are regimental; so many minutes to there; and then so many more o here; and then 3 minutes 10 seconds for tea.  No time to enjoy the view or the plants or to take photos - so, stopped.  I walk alone mostly.


I miss walking with some one; and would love to walk either here in Wales with some one or in Scotland.

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2 Responses Aug 17, 2009

I know what you mean I would like someone to walk with as well. I joined a walking group , it is OK but I would like a pal to walk with. That guy sounded great whilst he was around and pre dementia. I hope you find your companion soon come over to Ireland and we can walk, though I am not very fit these day.

20 miles...WOW! You just keep on walking, Lady, and you'll be running up mountains like your 82 yr.old friend.<br />
<br />
"Letterboxing?"<br />
Is that like Geocashing?