Rap Battle Gesture

I'm not a particular fan of any 'genre' of music but the reason I've picked this one out is because on lots of EP profiles, in the music section, people often say 'I like All Kinds of Music...  Except Hip Hop and Rap.'  Loads of people do it and I always find it disappointing.  I just assume that they don't like music at all if they can say that.

I can't decide if it's got something to do with the image of gangsta rap, or whether it's a racist thing (I note even this group's Logo is the 'acceptable face' of rap (ie. a white one)), or whether it's genuinely that people don't get it.  But there's so much rap music; so much of it is rubbish (like every other genre) and there's some brilliant stuff. Over the last 30 years Hip Hop and related music forms have been the driving force of change in music.  This doesn't mean that Rock or Jazz have suffered in comparison.  Hip Hop is fantastic - the beats, the lyrics, the groove.  I understand that everyone has their own personal taste but I can't understand how so many people can just dismiss it as a genre.

I Rap Battle with you all!

Anyway, here's another 'whitey'

CrookedMan CrookedMan
Mar 9, 2011