160 Year Old Water Tower

Ok, so 160 years old may not count as historic to some. The village we stayed in on a trip to France this year was 400 years old.
But .. My business partner and I have bought a 160 year old tower. We weren't looking for an investment or a project, but saw the building and fell in love with it.
We have plans to convert it into two apartments, which should secure its future for then next 160 years!
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I wanted an update on the apartments. Are they finished? And did the investment meet the expectations? I am thinking 160 years old also means at least that many problems to overcome so I hope it turned out well.

Hi, and thanks for the messages, I've not had time to reply. We've only just started the work this week. Planning permission was a nightmare despite the building not being listed and not in a conservation area. So we're about 9 months away from knowing if we've done a smart or stupid thing. Exciting tho!
Will reply to your message soon. Thanks for your interest

160 years is old by US standards.

Yep, older than most UK properties too, tho when I was very young we lived in a house built in the 1700s. Not many of them around now.

160 years ago, a large part of this country, especially away from the coasts, had nothing at all built in it. Whether we've improved from that point is a fairly debatable question.