I had an opportunity to visit Stonehenge before it was fenced off.. Standing among those gigantic pillars made me feel tiny. How did they get there and what was the purpose. People stood where I stood but thousands of years ago. How did they live and how did they feel standing there.among the stones. We have come a long way since those times but are we better people now?
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the people did not haul them,they were found in the field, left by the last ice age, the ice moved them,and as for a ring of wood that would be ok,as that would be the first the first,of an number of henge'sboth on and near this site ,as the earth is tilted ,so the can line up the north star.

we start to get the druid,s about 2,500 years,in the bronze age,when most of the ring of stones we see now,are from 4,500 years,but in Scotland at kilmartin they go back to 7,500 years,we do not get the name of Scotland till the year 495 ad when the scottis came from Ireland.

and all over scotland.

That's amazing that you got to see Stonehenge, I think it's one of the most awesome places in the world! Even though it's not open to tourists anymore, there are similar stone circles in that part of the world, and I hope someday I'll get to visit one.

yes the tilt of the earth is still going on,back and forward,to see this take a small tennis ball,place it in a class,of water,drop the ball in,look were the water is on the ball,now mark this level,now back in the class now tilt the class,you can now see,the angles, you can note this down,this is what happened to the earth.

it is just a large calender,showing ,the time to lift the crops,but the tilt of the earth has changed,so it it not in the same place,in looking to the sky,only later is it used,to contact there gods,they forgot why,it was built.