The Priest Hole

My wife and i were being tourists in Ireland and the owner of a small hotel on the West Coast suggested we might like to see an ancient round tower that was being rebuilt.into a small hotel. The tower  owner showed us around the tower which was in an isolated location. It had a circular staircase inside the tower. We went up and were shown a hidden door which opened into a small room where priests had hidden . The owner closed the door after I went in and alarmed my wife. It was a joke of some kind. He opened it again and we left. It was a weird feeling to be inside that small room. with the door closed.
The owner of the toower wanted us to spend the night with him and his gf , they had a couple of bedrooms available but my wife did not trust him , he had been eyeing her figure .and she could sense  his interest in her     I stil wonder what would have happened   in this ancient tower  where many things had happened once  My wife said it was an eveil place
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Jul 17, 2010