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Do They Still Teach History?

Do they even teach American History in schools anymore? Not that I know of where I live. At least not a whole lot.
I have always loved to absorb facts about things long past. I'm a big American history buff, civil war and revolutionary war.
I think its incredible how they could document the civil war with all those photos!

My husband and I always made our vacations to include historical sites.
I have been to alot of battlefields and old houses, and out of them all, Charleston, S.C. is my favorite place because there is so
much history. We have been there at least 3 or 4 times. I could just take a chair and sit at the battery and look at the houses
for hours. You felt like you were actually back in time there.
I just got done watching two shows on Abraham Lincoln, even now I still learn new things about him. I visited his gravesite and house onone trip, saw an actual top hat of his. Amazing!

Its not just American history I love, I love to read about medieval times, the kings and queens etc.
I watch alot of movies that are based on real people or true events. Then I look them up to read more about them.

I remember in high school I had such a hard time in World History, it was all about the Chinese Dynasties, I just couldn't get a grasp
on those, too many of them. Funny thing is just from watching a couple martial arts movies recently, I picked up more knowledge
from them than I ever could in school.
They didn't teach the dark ages much, that was something my brother and I would always check out at the library. We were into
King Arthur and all that. When I met my husband he didn't even know who that was. I thought everyone knew about King Arthur, but
I guess growing up in different places determined how much you were taught.

My grandfather, he was full of my family history. When I lived with him for a year I heard all about how our ancestor started the little town we lived in. I wish I would have written everything down. My grandmother from my moms side, she also told me alot of stories.
You don't think then how you should of somehow documented all they told you so you could relate it to your own kids.

Most of my favorite movies are about history, I just can't get enough of it.
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all on the history channel

Fortunately they have a history channel, but its easy to skip when you're a child.

I agree! The majority of the teachers I've had, elementary school, high school, and college, lack the ability to captivate students...unfortunately many teachers don't know how to teach...I everything I've learned about history has been on my own...I wish children had a better appreciation for the history of the world! We need teachers to inspire them!

I am a historian,now going for my Masters degree so I can teach history at college level. I also am a historical re-enactor who has specialized in both the Revolutionary War and several eras of life in Medieval and Renaissance Europe. If you'd like to learn more about medieval times for the sheer fun of it, I suggest you check out the Society for Creative Anachronism ( We (I'm a 12 year member) are an international organization that recreates the arts, martial skills, foods, clothing and lifestyles of the Middle Ages. If you go to the website and wish to find a local group, there is a spot to plug in your zipcode...<br />
Check us out! There is a special place for history geeks like us :)

:) Thank you!

Ha! Good question. I am a licensed history teacher and can't get a job to save my life. In California they laid off tens of thousands of teachers right about the time I got my credential. They are laying teachers off all over the country and history/social studies is a subject with a lot of teachers because there isn't much you can do with that degree but teach. Sad.

Yes, that is sad. My best wishes to you!

I am a big civil war history fan and like the mid evil knights !

Thats cool! :)