I Wish They Still Taught History

What they call "History" is just garbage that came from disputes by lobbyists, special interest groups, and overprotective parents but now due to all this discord the children suffer they are given bogus facts and don't realize this usually until college we teach children bs and then wonder why are education system is failing the idiocy of this annoys and saddens me

"The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice"Mark Twain
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Apparently, "are" education system is failing in English, too.

Yes that should be our not are but there\'s no need to be smug

I don't think most history teaching is as bad as that. Lots of rethinking on some of these topics isn't a bad thing. There is no absolute right answer for a lot of it, just re-reading the evidence.

I agree but I think alot of viewpoints are held back

That's always the case . . you can only get kids to read and process so much

Yeah I just think some things are just intentionally withheld like Edison teachers never go into how much of a ***** he was

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Yes I totally agree with you 100%

Thanks remember Vote Gray!

What do you mean Vote Gray??

the best lessons i have learned in history is talking to old people.

I used to have that exact same problem back before i dropped out of school. Frankly not such a great loss. In Mexico they never taught us the true facts. Always with the 'Mexico is such a proud land, bearer of humble soldiers who fought for liberty' crap. What about the government's self-righteous desicions and their two-faced familes? I swear they are trying to brain-wash children into thinking the country wasn't built on lies to cover the government's mistakes. Like they are perfect, not human.

Ame thing happens here : (

I have a Bachelor's degree in history. I didn't realize how much of what I'd been taught in school was wrong until I got to college.

ditto I don't have a bachelor's in history but I just pursued out info on it cause I find it a fascinating subject

You have to bear in mind that the "official" version of everything was written by the victors. Read a lot - not just the "accepted authorities".

Yes I know there's always at least two sides to everything and I fully agree not just accepted authorities cause they usually just say the same thing

Cause education is a very big problem but everyone ignores it cause no one wants to fix it :P.

well not everyone

True. First we cut off all it's public funding. Then we can deal with the animal we created.

yeah I think outside money and education is a dangerous mix

Teachers don't care as much, bad policies, it's just a real mixed up system

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As an introduction to all the History classes I ever attended, we were instructed on how to read text to filter bias. It was never suggested that what we were reading was one hundred percent truthful. It was always taught that there is less recorded History than forgotten History. When I took History to the 16th Century, we were taught about both Intelligent Design and Evolution; however with a focus on Evolution.<br />
<br />
History is a flawed study; you and I can't win.

i think you had a much nicer school than me

Offer evidence. I just graduated highschool, teach me something about US history that was purposely and willfully neglected; I just want to learn.

Well each county has different school books so i can't really know what was taught and what was wasn't but usually these groups have religious affiliation and try to keep out things that may be embarrassing or counter productive to their message ever hear of The Inquisition?I think the Crusades are often given a one sided view as well taking out most of the brutality that happened

I said US history. I don't know what they teach in the UK. You are using some very blanket statements. Try phlosophy: the crusades never ended, the names just changed.

They have only covered a small part of history. In the text books. They shod use books that have been resurched. Those authers worked hard on those books. They give you more of the history then textbooks can. I love history so much.

I find it very hard to take you seriously

I think with history, it is best to get a good perspective from a few sources. What is written and taught will always have a bias. Do your homework (hehe) and don't ba<x>se a conclusion from reading one book or listening to one source. =)


Yes liberals have a really unusual version of history. I find it maddening.

I don't think liberals are just to blame here I think this one is more of a bipartisan problem

that suggests their are two diferent view points, your saying we're only being shown one. Not that two groups are constantly arguing two versions of history.

what I'm saying is both parties allow this to happen

Founding education is rarely taken farther then whiter or not minorities should receive government scholarships these days.

not all topics are given the same amount of attention in the media

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Help is on the way in this matter. You speak of lobbyists, special interest groups, and others. I agree. I had a great education of history as a child. A lot of it was my own reading. Sadly the books that I read as a student are not there anymore. I plan to change that.

how so? what do you plan to do?

Let's just say I am working on a few projects. More to come later.

okay hope it works out for you

The victors write the history. The truth can have many sides, but it's usually chosen from which is the most comfortable to us.

I disagree here because few people are involved with the decision making

Yes. That's why we're unsatisfied wit History in the first place.

By this logic, no one has ever been taught "History."

Fair Point I just think it has gotten worse since I left school