A-levels History

I just did my a-levels in history and it was the only subject that was actually fun learning. I'm German and we had a lot so learn about the German history. Like the Nazi-time and Weimarer Republic, the German Democratic Republic and the Reichsgründung. But we also had the WWI and WWII and it was really fun learning all that stuff.

I got a little bored of Hitler in the end, cause in Germany we're just polluted by him and whenever someone says "Hitler" everyone turns around and sayd "Oh no please! Must he mention that name? That's evil!" but I wrote the test about him too... it was nice actually. History is definitely fun.

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think about this then,were did Hitler get the idea ,for the camps, from Britain ,in south Africa 1899 to 1901,264 thousand died in the camps,men ,woman, and children died ,they starved to death,254 thousand,what about the idea of a master race,were did they get that from,from Britain, with the eugenics movement 1922,it was they that came up with this thing about the way people look,so you must understand history, and look at history,think about what Britain and France,did to the Jews,back in the 1260 ad thousands died,all country's,have there own evil history ,not just Germany. if you think about it ,how did Britain get an empire,it did not get it ,from going to a country,and saying Hi were brittish,and would you mind if we took over your country,it did it by killing people.

No nation has a monopoly on cruelity and genecide. Nations are made up of people, nuff said.

Ummm, my best friend is German.... I freaking love her... <br />
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Race doesn't really apply with things like this. If Hitler had have been, like, the King of Britain or what ever, it would be them feeling ashamed.<br />
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It's stupid to keep holding him up like we do. I think we should all just forget about him.

there is more good things came from Germany,the car ,music, inventions, Hitler ,did a lot of good for Germany,from 1933 to 1939,but history likes to forget all of that,the people were given hope food ,work when in other parts of the world they had none.but the German people must stop saying sorry for being German,it would seam that every time a person says they are German,then people will start to take about what Hitler did,each part of the world will have someone that thinks they are bad ,and you do not find them saying sorry,many good things have come from Germany,and people should be proud ,of were they are from.

Have you read or was it mandatory to read Mein Kampf?