Lincoln And Leadership

Has any president ever faced the mountain of troubles that Abraham Lincoln confronted? I/3 of the states had left the union before he took office.  His predecessor had sat idly by as the South seized control of federal installations.  His very own cabinet, two of whom had run against him, held him in contempt.  One of his generals called him: the original ape.  The press was merciless.  He was a one term congress man from Illinois, prone to bouts of depression, who the sophisticated men of Washington DC considered a country lawyer with little skill or understanding of how to get things done.  His secretary of state had the audacity to write him a letter suggesting that set back and allow him to run the government.  Nor was the press any kinder.  He was too much a radical to the South yet not radical enough for the abolitionist who wanted him to immediately abolish slavery.

Yet through it all, Lincoln became the unlikely hero and the main reason that we still have a union.  Lincoln processed rear qualities that served him well in leadership.  He could be stubborn when needed yet was able to change his mind and reverse course when he saw that he was wrong.  He was patient  even with those who insulted him.  To say he had no ego would be wrong because no man who thinks of himself as worthy of being the president can be modest at the same time.  He also had a clear vision that the union above all must be preserved, that he never wavered in.  Those he did waver in the means necessary to achieve his goal.  He made it known clearly that he was willing to allow the institution of slavery survive in the South where it had been long established, but he ended up utterly destroying the institution he thought it was his constitutional duty to protect.  And he wasn't above bending the rule of law in order to keep the union together.  e faced the contradictions of life well.  I think it was that that gave him the skill to maneuver during the time of crisis.He had an uncanny ability to analyze, learn and grow and with great steel in his spine, he was a great leader.  I don't think a man like him could get elected today.
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Well said! Lincoln did face a staggering amount of challenges. While he didn't face them with god-like perfection as is protrayed today, he handled them as well as any human being could hope for.

great post fdr added the depression ww2 barack Obama the economy the Mideast . the job it self is a hard job