What It Tells Us

I do like history for many reasons. It first and foremost is interesting. But it teaches us how things work and if we are smart enough,not to repeat it. That its unfortunate is the problem with the world as a whole .To many don't learn from the past. So many myths about people can be expelled just from looking at history. Myth... One race is not as good as another, well look at history, there is not a race on earth that has not had great men and women, Black , White , Red , Yellow, There have been, heros in all of them, Great thinkers, . Myth ... One religion is better than another.. Well if you look at history, Every religion is based in stories from another, the virgin birth first started in Egypt long before the birth of the Christ . Allah , Jesus , all are taken from earlier myth. Wars fought , Governments Toppled, all from a thought that someone or something was better than another.We teach our children history, but we don't teach them to learn from it, . We need to teach them to think and look at what history can teach them.
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Jan 13, 2013