Love It.  But, I Try to L...

Love it.  But, I try to learn from it. Which makes me odd really.
DarkPhoenix DarkPhoenix
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2 Responses May 28, 2007

I don't think that makes you the odd one out . It is who you are and that is way cool. I think history is very interesting and it is safe to look back at all the things that happened good or evil, like the fact that cats were revered but the truth is more cats than I care to think were murdered by priests to offer to the gods. If you had enough money you would get several mummied cats butif youdidn't have much you woould get maybe half of a cat. It is really true.

I dont think it maks you odd ! ...I love history , its safe in a way, cos its already happened....and if we can learn from it , all the better. At least you are trying and thats the first step to anything !