when i was a child ...

when i was a child and HAD to study history, i didn't much care for it ... at all.  it was my least favorite subject.  ironically i scored quite high in that subject.  because of my lack of interest, i assume the reason i did well was my ability to memorize information.

as of recently (the past 6 months) i find myself researching history, watching programs pertaining to history, and discussing it with friends and family.  history has become extremely interesting to me.

i've heard that history will repeat itself.  i've also heard if we learn from our pasts and the mistakes made therein, we can then make our futures better.  i wonder which it is ... perhaps a bit of both?

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3 Responses May 28, 2007

I like the history channel but sometimes it seem's adolph Hitler was 75% of any history ever.

I think knowing or at least being familiar with history is a good idea in general ...

I've always found history to be educational and entertaining. there may be parts of history that don't interest me as much as others but I still like to know it.