History of Valentines Day....

Once you know your history, "Will you be my Valentine" sounds like a threat! :-S.

The day was originally a pagan festival (Lupercalia) that was renamed.

Lupercalia is the pagan festival surrounding Pan the Greek god of animals and wilderness (he protected the flock from wolves).  Its a fertility festival where gifts were exchanged and single people were paired. (I guess because the pagans saw the birds pairing up at this time of year).

I believe the day was renamed when Constantine came into power (when Rome became Christian).

Valentines are early Christian martyrs executed for religious beliefs by Roman pegans.

There are more than one 'Valentine'.  I believe about eleven in all.  Claudius Gothicus persecuted a preist (Valentine) because he unlawfully married young men - therefore keeping them out of the army.  When Aurelian came into power he executed a Valentine (maybe the same one?).  Aurelian attempted to get him to convert to Roman paganism. Valentine refused and tried to convert Aurelian to Christianity instead. Because of this, he was executed.

Before his execution, he is reported to have fallen in love with the jailers daughter and gave her a card just before his death.

So, no...I will be nobodys Valentine, thank you!  I shall pass on the gift exchange today, remember the martys - and just celebrate love year round!  Besides, it's nicer to get something unexpected on any day out of the year, than on a commercialized pagan celebration of gift exchanges and fertility rituals where things are outragously priced!  (Money that could buy food for the hungry.)

"Love one another as I have loved you."...everyday! :-)

Yohanna Yohanna
36-40, F
Feb 14, 2009