Ww 2

hello,I have been studying ww2 for over 2 years and have learned alot i have been studying in 3rds or from the american side to the german side and right now im doing the russian/soviet union half and some how or anther i found it addicting i just wanted to find out more and more my friends at school thought i worshiped hitler just because i studyed the german side of ww2(i admit i went a little overbored with the studying) they also found it just plain creepy for me to study war in genral but usauly i just ignore them and go on with my studing.dont plan to stop either

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

try go on youtube and see the vidios of kids your age in the hitler youth to understand the thinking behind what was happening in germany from 1933 to 1945 you will have then a better understanding of why kids your age ,fell under the spell of hitler but to understand better ,you must go back to 1874 in germany and up to 1933 only then will you understand ,why there was two world wars.