Remember If You Want To Be Saved

The dominant ideology of our time demands to look forward.  That's fine, though it shouldn't be a precondition to be a citizen. 

It should be clear that we live in a time with very fast and fundamental changes.  A lot more are awaiting us.  The future of mankind -and even of the planet- are at stake.  Nothing wrong with that, be it that this situation is unedited. 

Maybe it's an idea to think about the repercussions of big decisions.  How to take them without an elementary knowledge of the past? 

We may frown upon history as some pass-time, but I don't know if that's smart.  Couldn't it be that history has some lessons to teach? 

Could it be that we don't even remember that writing was invented in a place that is a battlefield today?  All our knowledge originated from that place. 

Why was it necessary to put it into grave danger?  Doing so has made us extremely vulnerable ourselves.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

sweet comment, Sylph, thank you.

I love learning history...give me a speaker to talk about the ancient past and I could sit forever listening.........well, maybe not forever...but you know what I mean...