I Have Always Had A Sense Of History

I love history always have always will.  As the saying goes those who do not pay attention to it are doomed to repeat it.  There are some histories that I find more fascinating than others but I think it is all worthwhile to learn about.  I am fascinated by women's history, or should I say the lack thereof!   I grab anything I can find on such a slender topic.  I feel men through the ages have not only denied women a place in history making, but in doing so have denied themselves a very important resource.  I find the history of Europe especially during the plague years, the crusade years and the world war 1 era very interesting.  When I tell people my major in college was history they always respond in the same way ewww, how BORING!!  I find it the exact opposite!  I find people to be very interesting and the things they do sometimes very amusing, often stupid, sometimes brilliant always read worthy.

treehugger1962 treehugger1962
46-50, F
Mar 7, 2010