Hockey does'nt seem very popular in the mid south. I don't know why.  There's more action and skill involved, than foot ball .  I don't think they should penalize so much though, the fights are  fun.
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Love to watch the Predators! :D

I watch a little hockey now and then but the truth is I watch very little tv. Baseball was always my game. I liked playing (although I didn't run very fast) and was an acceptable pitcher for the fun league in which I was a member.<br />
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I don't like the fighting in hockey, but I always have to laugh at them rooting around for their dropped equipment when the fight's over. Reminds me of the time I got really angry and threw a waterglass at a wall. Since I lived alone (and wouldn't have expected anyone else to clean it up anyway) I spent the next half hour picking up fragments and getting them stuck in my fingers. Very counterproductive. Needless to say, I've not thrown anything since.

I am not a hockey fan... nor football... nor baseball... actually, I don't like watching sports at all... hmmm... am I missing something???