The True Lover's Knot

Hand in hand,
Fingers entwined, we go through life, having fun and tackling challenges, together
Pulse to pulse, when we can't be heart to heart
Soft and tender held within stronger and tougher, I allow my vulnerabilty yet feel protected, when you need my softness you will have it

Proving to you, proving to the world,
Love, you have mine and I appreciate yours
Respect, I like and accept who you are
Dedicaton, we are for each other
Support, I'm here for you and I'll never let you fall, if you do I'll lift you up
roughNready roughNready
51-55, F
10 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Support, I'm here for you and I'll never let you fall, if you do I'll lift you up
Whisper into your ears gentle...Kissing and hugging
Holding you tight

You have warmth and so calming. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Thanks Sister. It's how I feel.

That was beautifully written. You've captured the feelings and emotions perfectly.

Thank you Colt.

Thank you, rNr. I can say this...holding hands is one of our most intimate experiences. Nothing need be said aloud. The emotions and loving flows just in this one simple gesture.

BTB, I'm glad you like it. I hope to see you and your lady like this soon - part of my wish for you.

Wow...this is really nice. Really nice! It's a simple gesture yet it conveys so much love and emotion.

The one lucky enough to be holding your hand ,just by reading your words will be holding the septer of happieness and love !!! You have an amazing command of vocabulary!

I agree whole heartedly. Another freedom we don't take time to enjoy and appreciate as much as we ought to.

Thanks Honey Bunny! I'm glad you like it. It won't be long before you're in Europe with your Lady, holding hands and loving as you want to be. Keep the faith!

Exactly what I'm looking for, who could ask for me ?? Nice, very nice, you have a way with words !!!!!