Why Wouldnt' You...

There is something wonderful about holding hands... something right, something safe, something that makes me go gooey in the pit of my stomach when someone takes my hand... I just don't know what it is but its something.
I love when a child reaches out to take your hand, the infinite trust they place in you but doing so, it is like they are saying ' I like you', 'i trust you', 'come play with me' 'let me show you something' and so many other inferences.
I get all gooey when someone special takes my hand, I feel safe, I feel protected, like they are showing me I matter, that they are going to look out for me, that they want me to go with them - I remember the time a boy I had a crush on took my hand as we crossed a busy road.... it was just the most wonderful feeling.....
I love it when you see couples walking down the street hand in hand, no matter what age, it speaks to me of showing the world that their together without the overt possessiveness an arm around the shoulder can sometimes bring....
Its intimacy, its love, its friendship, its caring and its innocence.... yeah there is something fundamentally right about holding hands with someone and I for one love it!!
lostlittlefirefly lostlittlefirefly
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1 Response May 20, 2012

Great story. A simple gesture can be so universal and powerful.

exactly right Paco35, thank you for reading and for sharing ;-)