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Evening Stroll

A month ago my daughter and I were on a cruise ship.
One evening, my daughter (13-yr old 5' 4" tall) and I were walking hand in hand taking a leisurely stroll enjoying the scenery on one of the upper decks. We were both hugging each other and leaned over to give one another a kiss on the lips just as we walked past this small group of people sitting on the lounge chairs. Two of the ladies (mid 50'ish) were looking straight at us and politely I smiled back. My daughter and I overheard one of the ladies say, did you notice that there a lot of gays on this cruise? You just as well get use to that. (referring to us). Disgusted, my daughter screams out, this is my Mom!!!!
Both ladies looked at each other looking even more confused. I guess they've never seen a mother and daughter as affectionate as us??
Mahal1023 Mahal1023 46-50, F 18 Responses Dec 3, 2012

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I guess we've come to the point were displays of affection are considered wrong.

Never!!! I won't ever accept that nor live my life like that.

Nor should you.

Just be glad they thought you young enough to look like your daughter's age.

I had a wonderful hand holding experience with a dear friend just this past weekend. It is amazing what a simple gesture like that did for my soul.

Its the simple gestures that mean the world to me.

LOL - This reminds me of my wife, when she was still alive, and myself. We were visiting/ shopping at one of those little shopping villages. Little stores and shops made to look like an old time village with brick walkways etc. My wife just got her hair cut short and we were walking with our arms around each other. A group of women behind us were making comments about gay males etc. We did not pay much attention to them till they walked past us and one of the women said " Oh my gosh, One of them is a female". My wife was a little put off by this. I on the other hand was laughing about it.

Needless to say my wife was not happy about me laughing.

Oh no.... I think I would have sided with your wife on this one. No woman wants to be mistaken for a man. As I've said before, i just wish that people can see the beauty in it instead of being so judgemental.

I couldn't help it. I just found the womens reactions to be funny. It happened years ago. And as I look back at it I can just remember the funnier parts of it. I am sure that I was a little ticked off with the comments before it dawned on me that they were talking about us.

Through a lack of eloquence I'll write this, but even earthworms are needed in life. We know they are there but they are best ignored. It's the flower and the bud that shine the beauty in the world. We know the worms are underground and there they can remain, but thank you for sharing the beauty I imagined of a wonderful night shared between the flower, and the bud...

W, you never lack eloquence. You're the one that taught me how to wear my rose colored glasses. :)

There is nothing like mother&daughter time and affection... Sad that those two jumped to conclusions... And since you included it in the story, your 13yr old is taller than me... Lol. But then again, most people are :-)

I've worked hard at keeping a close bond with my daughter. I feel very blessed. Don't feel bad daughter and many of her friends are taller than me too!!! You're in good company. :)

Love it!

ROFLMAO!!!! Okay sorry that some of the "older" generation don't get things that happen these days but I find it great that you and "M" spent some great time together and that you were able to connect again and be able to show that love that will keep you guys together for a long time...

Oh MT.... we have come a long way..... you've been along for the ride so you know it hasn't been easy. I hope from here on we get only stronger and better.

Well my friend I am not going anywhere I will just lounge where it is comfy...

I wish everyone could see that as a gesture of love between two human rather than opposite or same sex

me too...

Good for her !!! Anybody that says something like that loud enough for you to hear should be put in their place!!!

I miss holding hands with my grandson when we walk. He has grown out of the stage where he wants to hold my hand. Enjoy it

I hope we will never pass the stage of holding hands.

With a daughter it may be different. Hope you never pass that either. One day he told me he was too old to hold my hand anymore.

Yes my daughter has said that on a few occasions.... to which I simply say.... I'm holding your hand not because I have to but because I want to. She always smiles then says "ditto"

Good kid, very sure of herself in a good way.

So cute and glad for your daughter to stick up for you both!:)

My daughter, 22, suffers from PTSD and anxiety. There was a long time she wouldn't let me touch her.

Now, I her every chance I get, and kiss her sweet face and tell her she is beautiful and I love her. It is such a gift to me.

What other people think matter nothing at all to me.

I am glad your daughter at that age is close and bonded with you. Perhaps we would all have better relationship if we touched more. God meant us to communicate with our touch the things words fail to reach. Thanks for your post.

Aww, I LOVE how affectionate you and your daughter are!! ♥ People spend so much time condemning others they sometimes forget to make any fond memories of their own....Sucks to be them... I LOVE that your daughter jacked them right up too......Good thing she's got some of her mom's fire!! "D

People can be so judgmental. Your daughter seems like a sweetie just like her mom.

Thank you.

Quite true.


We've corresponded quite a bit. This is exactly the response I would expect from your daughter.

:) I would like to think that but she has her moments when she's feisty ( a trait she's inherited from her Mom). On a different day she would have told those ladies off just because she's annoyed.