So Nervous About First Hand Holding

I'm in a long-distance relationship. When we meet, there will be a long-awaited first kiss I suppose, and being modern times, there might be other firsts. Holding hands will be assumed, I guess, but it's probably the hardest part because it's not active, but it's so powerful. I heard a quote recently, something along the lines of it's like a happy, warm, electric fence. For guys, anyway. And I am sure it will be. I wish I knew why?

Of course, this is not my first time holding hands. There aren't many firsts left for me I guess. But what is going to make this more difficult is that this is more than excitement of a crush. This is possibility. This is someone whose hand I want to hold for a long, long time. I know that already. It will be a step forward into uncertainty, because once I hold her hand, what then? I'm too much the old romantic to consider the rational possibilities of a first-time meeting.

If she wants to make it much worse, she'll hold my hand and look into my eyes. Oh, I'm a goner for sure. Two hands, even more so. And even if we wind up together in the night, reaching out and holding my hand in the dark silence will make me sigh with delight.
goethedreams goethedreams
46-50, M
Dec 4, 2012