Who Wants to Hold Fungirl's Hand?

Today fungirl was focusing on why holding another person’s hand is so special to her and why this may be such an intimate thing psychologically.

I love holding hands and walking down the boardwalk with a very special man as the waves crash against the beach or reaching up as we are watching that rival football game where he is hugging me and just grab his hand and give it a squeeze but I wanted to know psychologically why this makes me feel special and loved. Hell it’s not like we are kissing and we are a long way from making it around all the bases so what is it about the act of holding hands?  This is what I came up with in my wine induced thoughts. We start our life reaching out and grasping to touch something and often we find a loving finger waiting for us to squeeze it and as babies we curl our fingers around that hand and hold as tightly as we can. In turn we hear how excited this makes our parents and we feel the love in their touch.  As an adult I know that was how it was for me the first time my nieces and nephews reached out to grab my hand. In fact it brought me to tears because the emotion was so great.  When I go to the park it isn’t uncommon to see a parent holding their child’s hand as the kid learns to walk. Before we cross the street as children our mom or dad grabs our hand to make sure we make it over safely.   As we grow older, we might start holding someone’s hand as a sign of affection or to display our togetherness for all to see.  How many of you had to carry the dreaded giant bottle of Scope to high school because you were caught kissing and/or holding hands?  The dreaded punishment for PDA in my high school was a week of carrying Scope. We might hold hands with a complete stranger during a church or prayer service.  We take someone’s hand for comfort, for security, protection when something frightens us or makes us feel insecure.

The human hand is one of the most amazing parts of our bodies, and yet many of us take our hands for granted. It allows us to do so many things in our lives. Think of the things you’ve touched with your hands, the many meals you may have prepared for that special person in your life, all of the music in this world that has been created was done so because someone had use of their hands, all the things that have been written were because someone had a mind and hands to write it down or type it into a computer.    How many things have you held in your hands?  Car keys, cell phones, baby puppies and kittens, a human baby, flowers, a great bottle of wine, and precious mementos.

I think that holding someone’s hand to me is both of us mutually giving up a small part of self to the other to symbolize out togetherness, the strength we find in each other, a connection to each other, and a great affection for each other.  It also symbolizes that we wish to protect the other person in our life. So yes a simple hand joined with another is a powerful thing. So does anyone want to hold fungirl’s hand?


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OMG. You are finding the mushy stuff I wrote. I love this post and I wrote this after drinking a bottle of wine he had bought me. It amazes me how those emotions just took me away when I saw which post this was.

Ok.... If you make it to Denver before too late let me know and I will call my boys to see if you can hang out with them.

Nope I'm stuck in Cali. until maybe in the morning.

Oh I was certainly NOT disappointed. I have enough testosterone based aggression in my life without adding more lol.

LOL, yes, so many people mistake me for a tough guy ;) Sorry to have disappointed you ;)

Thanks are you back home now?

Good story Princess!!!

Ahhh and I thought you were this tough guy type and there you go telling me you teared up too. I am impressed.

I know what you mean, I went to visit family over the 4th of July this year and while walking with my brother and my nieces in a crowd, one of them came up to me and held my hand, I could tell the crowd made her uneasy, and knowing she trusts me enough to be her protector almost brought a tear to my eye. Not sure how it is so powerful, but that little innocent act conveyed more than words ever could.

((fungirl giggles nervously because afterall fungirl is very shy))

*brut puts her hand on FG's knee. FG scolds Brut. Brut giggles, then nudges FG*

((fungirl grabs Brut's hand and squeezes it back)) ahh that feels so good. thanks my friend.

AWW...<br />
*Brut reaches for FG....*