Way Underrated

I really enjoy holding hands. It's one of life's sweet little pleasures. There's something so comforting about a guy taking my hand in his. I love it!

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Holding hands is so comforting, so loving, so embracing, so romantic. It is a small treasure that reaps huge emotional rewards!

I was walking behind a couple the other day that was holding hands on a sidewalk that had a lot of retention wires, light poles, street signs, etc that were forcing them to break the hand holding every 5-10 seconds. It was funny but they were determined to hold hands. I think I would have given up till I got to a sidewalk with less obstruction. It was the girl who kept grabbing the guys hand again. Gotta do what the lady asks with stuff like that :)

Thanks for your comments :) Nice to know there are others who feel the same way.<br />
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My ex-boyfriend wasn't into hand holding and I miss it a lot.

holding hands is such a simple gesture but can mean so much. it connects you to the other person. and like everyone else, i love it too.

its s romantic i love it!

I agree - holding hands is such a small gesture, with such a HUGE meaning. Guys and girls can take a lesson on this - shows intimacy and caring.

very nice.. i love to hold lady's hand that make me warms and comfort : Hugs*