Holding Hands For Me Is Very I...

Holding hands for me is very intimate; even sexy. Unfortunately my ex never liked to hold hands. No matter how I tried, he just seemed to pull away.
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If your heart is filled with Love it does not matter what society or culture thinks or frowns upon... You just do it, because Love is bigger than the world!

In my opinion, holding hands shows affection between two people. Some men are like that. Don't take it personal. Maybe, one day, he'll find it easier to do so. Don't pressure him. Some men find it difficult to express emotions or say words like, "I love You" but that doesn't mean they may not care. Maybe, it's part of his culture or family background. I too used to wish for my ex to hold my hands. It made him uncomfortable, even when he did it. I will always think holding hands is just a beautiful gesture. I want to hold Jesus hands when I see him one day. <br />
God bless

How sad in a society where hate, anger and rudness are displayed so carelessly every day. So many are ashamed to display the joy of caring. . .